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Santa Clarita offers many scenic locations and opportunities for entertainment media, either as a setting for a newly created world, as inspiration for more story-driven content, or as a backdrop for the action. . Vasquez Rocks, for example, has been used time and time again as a background in movies.

Pushed further by filming incentives, Santa Clarita has even earned the nickname “Hollywood’s Outback,” with Castaic Lake, Rene’s 50s Town, and Santa Clarita Valley being common choices for filmmakers coming to town.

A hands-on way to explore a fictional Santa Clarita

Of all the ways we could find ourselves in the region outside of the real world, the game offers perhaps the most immersive and exciting. Given the action control, you can experience everything the developers have inserted into the experience that makes it even closer to the California region. Some are quite loosely bound by historical ties, while others strive to give you an AC to blow off some steam.

The flagship act in this respect is the classic game True Crime: Streets of LA Luxoflux’s game ambition was given a lot of praise, especially because it features a complete recreation of much of Los Angeles – specifically Santa Monica and much of Beverly Hills – placing landmarks and even street names in the virtual world. As for the gameplay itself, you can roam around however you please, drive at full speed down the highway, and frisk just about any suspect that comes your way.

Another hugely appealing part of Santa Monica — Newhall in particular — is its Old West roots, which keep the ghost town of Calico and the Paramount Movie Ranch as major points of interest. The sites and themes are so well known that they have even inspired foreign entertainment producers. Locals and people all over the world will find affection for Wild Wild Romance and Western Gold 2: Double Barrel games. Both are available to play on the site with the best online casino offers. So not only can you spin to win in the Wild West, but you can also make the most of the matched deposit welcome offer, as well as the daily free spins.

Seen on TV and on the big screen

While the game immerses you in a form of California in the digital world, it’s the creatives of television and Hollywood who fully capture the breathtaking landscape and setting. The obvious place to name first as content to achieve this is the Santa Clarita Diet. With the town’s name in the title, one hopes it was filmed here, and for the most part, it was. Particularly stunning is the exterior of Hammond House on Weeping Willow Drive.

As for active series, the hit show Mayans MC – the Sons of Anarchy spin-off – used multiple locations in and around Santa Clarita. Throughout the series, you’ll see the Old Town Newhall parking complex, Main Street, Railroad Avenue, Newhall Avenue, 8th Street, Hustler Casino, and the Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery. With the showrunners committed to filming on location, there are a whole host of Santa Clarita spots in the series.

On the big screen, there’s a huge string of names related to the Santa Clarita Valley. To name a few, there’s A Quiet Place, Ad Astra, American Sniper, Cloverfield, The Girl Next Door, the three Iron Man movies, Logan, Sharknado 3 and 4, Twilight and Whiplash. There are so many movie studios making the most of Santa Clarita for filming, and there are bound to be more blockbusters coming here in the near future.

If you ever want to see Santa Clarita in the entertainment world, you are certainly spoiled for choice!

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