Gerard Way talks about rock revival


My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has spoken about the resurgence of rock music in pop culture, saying people miss the sound of the guitar.

In a new interview, Way discussed the eternal arguments that rock is dead, his love for the band Nirvana, and his opinions on why rock music is re-filtering into pop music.

Speaking about how much rock has changed since the emergence of My Chemical Romance in the early 2000s, Way said, “In the 2000s when we emerged you saw other bands like Green Day have almost everything. a revitalization: it was a time for rock and roll. . Rock and roll was a really dominant thing.

“And then pop starts taking a lot of risks, and then all of a sudden people are trying to get bands to use guitars less. You keep hearing “Rock is dead”.

“If someone gave me a free guitar every time someone said ‘Rock is dead’ I would have a lot of guitars,” he joked.

“What I believe happened when the rock was gone, [when] you wouldn’t hear guitars in things, I think people really missed out on what you can get from a rock band and you can’t go anywhere else. They just missed the sound of the guitar. I think that’s why you start to hear them in pop. I think as this cycle continues the sounds are going to get heavier and more visceral because I think people just need that. I think people just need it.

Gerard Way also spoke about Nirvana in his interview, explaining that his teenage tastes in music influenced who he was as a musician later in his life. “Kurt, Krist and Dave really paved the way for bands to continue to transform punk rock and find new ways to channel this energy that we grew up with.”

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