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Boy named banjo isn’t your typical Music City booming country band. In fact, the men who make up the country-folk-rock quintet – Barton Davies, William Reames, Willard Logan, Sam McCullough, and Ford Garrard – are bringing the honky-tonk town to a new sound with the release of their Seven Collection of tracks, Circles.

In 2016, the five-piece group entered the mainstream music scene with their debut EP, Lost on the main. Their original songs quickly received accolades, and the band even secured a spot on Bonnaroo’s 2015 star-studded lineup alongside artists such as Billy Joel and Kendrick Lamar.

Getting in the spotlight of the fan-favorite festival took a long time for founding members William Reames and Willard Logan. Their love for bluegrass and folk sparked an indestructible bond between the two in grade school. The aspiring musicians knew they had to pursue their extraordinary talents. Therefore, like a puzzle, the rest of the group fell into place over the years.

“We started out in high school as a string group… just writing songs and everything. Time went by and we went to college, and that’s where we met Sam. That’s when he started playing drums for us… We just kept on. building our sound more and more to the point where Willard grabbed an electric guitar instead of a mandolin, ”Reames shares about the origin of the band during an exclusive Country now maintenance.

“Our sound has gradually grown louder and more alternative country over the years. Then we added Ford to the group, who was also our first bassist. So we’ve been a group for ten years now, ”he adds.

Coming from a similar musical education in Nashville, Tennessee, the group has grown into an unstoppable force and developed a captivating energy that is represented through their stacked and uncluttered harmonies. “We have that special kind of fellowship magic since we’ve been together for so long,” the group says. “We all know what the other is thinking most of the time. I think that’s really what sets us apart, is that we’re so tight-knit.

Although they were raised in the center of country music, the five decided to try their hand at other genres to expand their musical palate. Today, they took inspiration from Darrell Scott, the Eagles and famous banjo player John Hartford to form their rare-sounding well-thought-out EP, Circles.

Boy named Banjo; Circles

“We’re not basically trying to reverse engineer an affected country; we just take all the music that we love and try to do something that we think is cool and hope the world likes it, ”says the rising stars.

“Our sound is totally different and unique from what you might hear on country radio. People are always on the lookout for cool music, and I think the simple combination of putting a banjo in a setting that’s not totally traditional is super cool and fresh, ”they add.

The group’s main priority was to cultivate an intimate vibe when fans listen to their EP, Circles. Therefore, the list of tracks that Oscar Charles produced was recorded in a makeshift garage studio. “I want people to feel like they’re almost in the room with us and kind of feel the vibe that we had when we recorded it,” shares teammate McCullough.

To accompany the release of the EP, Boy Named Banjo released a live performance video for “Feel For You” recorded at the Mercy Lounge. The Nashville Concert Hall has sententious value, as it was the first place the band sold at the time.

Now the members of Boy Named Banjo are hitting the road to cover their headlines. Visit where the night goes to share their love for music and showcase their long-standing tracks. Hitmakers will join Country now for a virtual live concert on Tuesday August 31, broadcast exclusively on CTRL_MUSIC_, a brand new country music channel on the popular interactive live streaming service Twitch.

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