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Flummox, alternative prog metal from Tennessee, have shared their epic 14-minute prog metal, The Unbirth Suite, and it’s sure to get your feet tapping. The “gender-fluid” shredders release their new album Rephlummoxed April 1 via Needlejuice.

Says guitarist Max Mobarry, “The Unbirth Suite is a long and winding progressive psychedelic epic, and one of [Blake Dellinger] best vocal performances to date. I’ve played in a lot of bands and had my share of 15 minute prog rock epics, but this piece of music is so powerful. hunt [McCutcheon, guitars/production] did a magnificent job of getting him to breathe and talk the way he does.”

The band, whose 2020 album In hindsight included the trans rights anthem Trans girls need guns, took a fresh approach on their latest record. It includes new versions of material from their previous albums and The Unbirth Suitein particular, has an important story for two of the band members.

“It comes from the first piece of music me and [co-founder/guitarist] Drew [Jones] never wrote together when we were 14,” says bassist/vocalist Blake Dellinger. “Me and Drew have been friends since we were 11, and we picked up our respective instruments together a few years later.

The middle section of the three-part song was originally inspired by a poem written by Blake Dellinger’s godfather, Bill. When he died, the band decided to honor him with a long version of the song he had sown.

According to Blake Dellinger, “The song as it exists now is made up of the same four chords we used back then – we twisted and changed the dynamic a lot, but it’s basically the same song. We already had tried to record it before, but we just didn’t feel it. This time, however, we really restructured things. We had a lot of fun rearranging it and turning it into something that, although not completely different from what it was, was an improvement on every level.

“Towards the end of the sessions, Max added orchestration at the end of the song, and the first time I heard the string section, I literally cried. Never before has the music I been a part of didn’t hit me that way. I really cried, all day, every once in a while. Because it’s such a heavy song for me, with my godfather who’s been gone for over 10 years. As much as I’ve always wanted to make this song speak, and make it such a great cinematic experience, I never thought I’d actually hear it performed that way. I couldn’t have imagined it better than it sounded like. Of all the songs on the new album, I’m the proudest of this one.

Judge the results for yourself and stream The Unbirth Suite below:

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