Genre-blending dystopia Sunday Gold releases next month, with a free prologue available now



Turn-based-combat-escape-room-puzzler-RPG mix Sunday Gold will be released on September 13th. But if you want to get an early acquaintance with its Cockney cast and practice creating your best comic WHAP!s and POW!s, there’s also a free prologue available on Steam now.

The new trailer shows off a bit more of its comic book styles, a rather blood-splattered crime scene investigation, and a bountiful slew of dystopian vibes. Plus a lot of argy bargy. There’s also a preview of how it will develop, with upgradable stats and switchable weapons. For when you really want to bring a samurai sword to a dude fighting in a pub.

However, all those guns and brawl training matches in the pubs are for a good cause. The Sunday Gold website lays out the issues: “Once bustling and full of life, the City of London is in a dark and dismal state. Unemployment and homelessness are at an all time high. Ethical boundaries are pushed to their limit [a] corrupt billionaire is useless.” And in the game too.

Revealing said billionaire is the work of our three criminal heroes: Robin Hood thief Frank Barber, digital hacker guy Gavin Dorsey and animal shelter worker/underground bare-knuckle fighter Sally Wheeler. In the game’s prologue, you can step into Frank’s shoes as he forms the team. It’s available now at Steam.

Then the full game will launch in just over a month, on September 13, also on Steam.

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