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Elden Ring’s Yelough Anix Tunnel is a dungeon. It can be found immediately south of the ruins of Yelough Anix in Consecrated Snowfields. You should have no trouble locating the entrance to the tunnels since they are lightly marked on the map. Unlike many tunnels, the Yelough Anix Tunnel is not very large and has a limited number of opponents. The layout of the tunnel is simple, which makes it difficult for a person to get lost.

In the tunnel, there are some formidable opponents with their own varieties of bosses. These opponents will spawn from portals in two separate locations along the tunnel. Here’s everything there is to know about the Yelough Anix Tunnel.

Head to the elevator at the end of the hall from the entrance. The Grace site is accessible by taking the elevator. After interacting with him, enter the tunnel and turn right. You will come to a point where you can see a hole and a door to your right.

The closed door on your right can only be unlocked on the opposite side, which you will find further down the tunnel. Bring your attention to the hole in the room and jump down.

There will be two Miners, which you must eliminate. Gather the three icy fats and descend further into the tunnel. After that, you’ll come across another region with a few other miners. Deal with them and take the Golden Rune from the body of the Ice Platform.

Ahead of you will be two paths. One is right in front of the ice shelf, while the other is down the ladder. First you need to go down the ladder, where you will discover two places.

A Smithing Stone can be found behind you, next to a dead miner. First, go to the right and face the two Miners. Collect the Runic Bow and go to the left section after dealing with them. An alabaster lord will come through the portal here. Deal with it then go left to pick up two Smithing Stones from where it spawns. On another body, loot the lord’s corpse for an alabaster lord’s sword and an ancient dragon’s forging stone. Return to the top of the ladder.

Continue inside the hallway by jumping to the other side of the ice platform. Kill the miner and remove six explosive stone blocks from the wall, as well as a dark forge stone.

After that, climb the ladder and eliminate the two Miners. Take the next ladder and get a Smithing Stone. After going through the tunnel, you will come to a chamber with a walkway.

After entering the chamber, turn right to locate a Dark Forge Stone in the wall. Go to the portal and defeat Onyx Lord when he emerges. Collect a Dark Forge Stone from the far right corner and a Hero Rune from the corpse in the center of the room. Keep going until you reach the boss door.

You’ll also see the sealed door behind you that leads to Grace’s site that you discovered at the start of the tunnel.

Boss Fight: Astel Stars of Darkness

Inside the Yelough Anix tunnel, Astel, Stars of Darkness is the boss. The monster will arrive through a portal when you unlock the wooden door and start blasting purple beams at you that will deal high damage.

As the beam emerges, roll to either side to dodge them. Because the beam moves so quickly, dodging it may require some skill.

Astel, Naturalborn Of The Void has the same attacks and moves as the monster. This fight takes place in a smaller arena than Lake of Rot. You still have plenty of leeway to sprint around the arena and position yourself correctly to dodge the boss’s blows.

The boss has the ability to teleport behind you and grab you. This is an attack to watch out for. By avoiding this, you can deal many blows to his skull.

His skull is a vulnerable area, receiving more punishment than the rest of his body. If you are a ranged character, stay close to the boss as Astel’s medium and long range strikes are the most powerful.

Holy Damage is quite effective against the boss. You can enchant your right hand weapon with Holy damage using the Blade of Order. Some special weapons have abilities to deal holy damage.

Keep in mind that you can use Spirit Ashes to make this battle considerably easier. Mimic Tear is a fantastic choice for this battle as he can use all of your holy weapons and incantations. This will improve your boss’ damage output. You can also use Golden Vow after summoning Mimic Tear to boost both your attack and defense.

The Astel Meteorite can be obtained after defeating the monster.

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