Garry Tonon says old school rock is his favorite genre


Garry Tonon may be as passionate about music as he is a fighter.

The submission specialist revealed in an interview with ONE Championship that he is a self-proclaimed rocker with a preference for classics in the electrifying genre.

An altar boy growing up, Tonon maintained his love for music as he transitioned from music to Brazilian jiu-jitsu and eventually mixed martial arts. He told ONE Championship:

“By default, I was listening to classic rock. I think it’s mainly because it was the kind of stuff a lot of my role models listened to growing up.”

The AC/DC fan added that it was his stepfather and aunt who shaped his love for rock music.

“My stepdad played guitar and listened to a lot of classic rock and stuff. My aunt was into a lot of classic rock too. She was also someone who was a big role model in my life.

While he started listening to AC/DC and Foreigner, ‘The Lion Killer’ was also a huge fan of the music of his generation. Tonon, now 30, grew up in the generation that was introduced to nu-metal and pop-punk.

Of all the bands that shaped the early 2000s, Linkin Park and Sum 41 are still on Garry Tonon’s playlists.

“Linkin Park was a big one when I was a kid that I listened to. I still listen to it now, but it was something more from my generation that I listened to and found really interesting. The lyrics were very good, and the style of the genre was just very cool. It tended to mix a lot of different things. There was a bit of rap, a bit of rock, a bit of punk all mixed together, which was kind of cool. So I really enjoyed stuff like that.

From fighter to singer, Garry Tonon could well return to his musical roots

Garry Tonon will return to the ONE circle on May 20 when he takes on Tye Ruotolo in a submission grappling match at ONE 157: Petchmorakot vs. Vienot at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Still, the Ruotolo fight could be just one of Tonon’s two comebacks. Tonon further told ONE Championship that he could return to his musical roots and make a career out of his talents outside of combat arts.

“I even thought about doing music at one point. It’s just the time it takes to do something that’s really worth releasing, something that you’re going to sell… But if I have to sell something thing, I’m very proud of the things that I do. I don’t just like step-asses, so anything, it’s gotta be really good, you know?”

Watch Tonon show off his musical side below:

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