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Jenna Ortega has come such a long way after being on Disney Channel stuck in the middle! Keep reading to see all the projects she’s worked on since her Disney days!

After his time at Disney stuck in the middle and BizaardvarkJenna has starred in a few well-known shows such as Jane the Virgin, you and Helen of Avalor. However, the Disney alum would soon cement her place as a pro in the horror movie genre after starring in 2022’s. Scream the Babysitter: Killer Queen, X, Studio 666 and American Carnage. Jenna is also set to star as Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s Tim Burton series, Wednesday.

“At the end of the day, I just want to keep telling stories that are meaningful or impactful or that affect me in some way,” the California native said. teen vogue in April. “Whether it’s a fun project or a serious message, I think as long as I stay focused on it, it will be good for me.”

She opened up about her transition from working on the Disney Channel to booking more dramatic roles in an interview with Complex in March. “I think it’s a little weird because it all happened organically in a way. I remember leaving Disney Channel being very nervous because it was very difficult to get into the audition rooms. My main goal has always been cinema, and I wasn’t well known enough. I had no connection with the industry.

Jenna has also admitted her affinity for the horror genre, as seen in her most recent projects. “I tend to do a lot of horror, but even my horror movies, I think, are quite different in themselves, which is enough for me and also keeps me on my toes and I think that compels me to work in a different way or exercise a muscle in a different way. And I like a challenge. That’s what counts when I choose new projects.

Scroll through our gallery to see all the projects Jenna has worked on since her Disney days!

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