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Ray Benson (asleep at the wheel)
Constrained by declining support for the arts, Austin-area philanthropists Karl and Nelda Buckman founded Nelda Studios with a broader mission to support art and creativity through original media productions, philanthropy and community outreach. The philanthropic arm of Nelda Studios, The Buckman Fundrecently in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin to find The Buckman Centera future collaboration space for creatives, designers and technologists of the School of Design and Creative Technologies. In addition to amplifying creativity in higher education, Nelda Studios is also committed to providing hands-on creative programs in communities, such as the “A Chance to Rock” program.

“Working with Austin Angels and Band Aid School of Music holds a special place in my heart because not only does it help make the arts accessible to everyone, but it helps those in real need,” said Nelda Buckman. “‘A Chance to Rock’ truly helps us achieve our underlying purpose of stimulating creativity and providing inspiration and opportunity for current and future generations, especially children in less fortunate circumstances.”

Originally designed by Band Aid School of Music Director James Mays, “A Chance to Rock” offers a wide range of music lessons including piano, guitar, drums, vocals, bass, ukulele and more to come. With locations in South Austin (2309 Thornton Road, Suite G, Austin, TX 78704) and Westlake (4214 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX 78746), Band Aid School of Music teachers have an academic background, experience professional performance, or both . In addition to their teaching qualifications, the teachers have warm, inviting personalities and are dedicated to teaching the style of music that foster children want to learn.

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