Fact: Every vampire movie ripped off an old RPG



And it all goes beyond the looks, which some say could have been partly inspired by Kathryn Bigelow. near darkness, let’s be honest: it’s a good movie, but no one ever uses the aesthetics of the flop as a basis for something they hope to achieve. Since Vampiremovie vampires started looking cooler, yes, but they also stopped being creepy loners and started hanging out together.


Most remain scary.

They also created various clans with distinct identities that always had one thing in common: the need to protect “the masquerade”, which is just cool lingo for not letting the cattle find out there are fucking vampires everywhere. .

various clans of

White Wolf

Consider it a porn prequel to What we do in the shadows

Man, it’s almost like it works like an RPG with different classes. Even the most modern and less tough vampire tales like true blood and Dusk can’t do without werewolves and the structure created by Vampire. Yeah, even if everything in Dusk is polished to the point of shine, it also pulls a lot from the vampire series. vampires of Dusk are all divided into Clans covens, all equally devoted to their own version of the masquerade. Moreover, the richest, dushest and most powerful clan in Dusk is the Volturi clan, which bears a strong resemblance to Ventrue, their obvious counterpart from Vampire.


Entertainment at the top, paradox

Pictured: The Twilight coven which is canonically more determined not to let the existence of vampires slip away.

And VampireThe influence of goes even beyond vampire media, with the creators of Cyberpunk 2077 citing him as a strong influence for his different and definitely non-vampiric classes.

CD Project Red

Pictured: Definitely not Volturi 2077

Top image: Paradox

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