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Many studies have proven that there are countless advantages and benefits of listening to music. Even those who appreciate quiet have our times when we just need to crank up the volume on our favorite playlist.

The type of music you listen to plays an important role. Different music can have different effects on a person, for example, some motivate to do sports and some help to write an essay. Each genre of music has its own formula that makes up its composition. This formula has a direct effect on the listener. Here are some of the effects that listening to rock music can have on students.

Mental performance is boosted

Classical music has long been linked to brain development and improved concentration. However, new research shows that the effects of rock music may be the same. Rock music is known for its fast, upbeat tempo and volume.

Therefore, the lyrics of rock songs should follow the rhythm and tempo set by the backing music track. The faster the lyrics are sung, the more we have to listen to them to understand the full story a song is trying to tell us.

According to Essayontime.com.au, the popular academic writing site, rock music also has more changing tones and notes. It forces us to concentrate more, but we don’t notice how much we are concentrating because the rhythm makes us feel so good.

Improves mood

There’s nothing like turning up the volume on your favorite rock playlist at the end of a hard day. This is because music makes you happy, which leads to an increase in serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is known as the happiness hormone and has necessary and positive effects on our learning abilities and our ability to store information in the brain.

When we are in a good mood, we are more motivated. When we are more motivated, we work harder, can concentrate more effectively. These are all things that help improve our study performance. The effect of rock music on our mood is unique and is guaranteed to make us smile and come back to our happy place.

Release tension

Our time at university comes with a lot of stress. Besides the obvious pressure to get good grades and make sure we get to graduation day with as few speed bumps as possible, some have the added stress of student loans and part-time jobs.

Tension is not only something we keep in mind, but also something we keep in the body. Have you noticed how much better you feel after a really good air guitar session?

That’s because dancing around your dorm room like a maniac to your favorite rock playlist releases all that tension you’ve been holding in your body. This gets your heart rate up and gets your lungs going. It’s as good as a workout!

It makes you more creative

The fast and sometimes heavy rhythm, pitch changes and changing notes of rock music not only improve our concentration, but also stimulate creativity. When we are mentally focused and free from tension, we are at our most creative.

That’s why taking a break from your academic work to indulge in a little air guitar is the best way to clear your mental pathways for new thoughts and a few extra pages of writing.

Listening to rock metal can help here, especially because there is something very cathartic about this kind of music. Catharsis releases negativity, trauma, anxiety and insecurities – all things that keep us from being our most creative selves.

Helps you make more friends

The freshman year in college can be very difficult for some when it comes to socializing, especially if you attend college away from your hometown and high school friends. When you find a common interest with your peers, it’s much easier to make friends and build a social circle. Pop music is called pop music because it is popular.

Rock music is not as mainstream as some genres, and rock metal/heavy metal has even more of a niche market. Most of the time, rock and heavy metal fans are more introverted than popular music fans. Nothing helps an introvert make new friends and improve their social skills like common ground.


It is clear that the effects of listening to rock music on students are positive in every way. Ultimately, the genre of music you choose to listen to comes down to your personal taste. What’s important to remember is that the type of music you enjoy the most is the type of music that will have the most positive effect on you.

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