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Over the years, Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been at the front of various big hits of different films. The Rock makes us laugh and is full of energy and adventure, rarely failing to bring a story to life and create a fun atmosphere. Given his string of blockbuster hits, we sometimes forget that not every project he’s been involved in has hit the big screen; although they seem like brilliantly engrossing films, for various reasons they didn’t go forward.

Having recently acted as a voice actor in the animated film DC League of Super Petsand appearing in the upcoming superhero movie black adam (which DC fans are in vogue for), let’s take a look at some Dwayne Johnson films that would have been brilliantly successful if they had actually happened.


Doc Savage

Doc Savage is an Indiana Jones style man of great knowledge and action, first appearing in pulp magazines in the 1930s and 40s as one of the first comic book heroes. He’s a typical superhero, hunting down bad guys to save the world, but his talent doesn’t stop there. He’s not just a doctor, but a super cool scientist, detective and adventurer. Looks like Johnson would make the perfect Doc Savage, so why didn’t he continue?

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When Shane Black was set to direct a film adaptation in 2014, it was clear that Johnson was the perfect candidate for Doc Savage, and he was even starting to get very excited about this opportunity. Yet, we then received the dreaded news that they were suffering from rights ownership issues over Doc Savage, meaning he should stay in the comics for now. It’s such a shame that this movie wasn’t made as Johnson; his adventurous personality would certainly have done him justice.


Now, this film has indeed moved forward, but sadly without The Rock. The sci-fi movie of 2015 Tomorrowland, directed by Brad Bird, received a good share of mixed reviews. The film follows Casey Newton after she hits a pin with a T on it and is teleported to a magical utopian world called Tomorrowland. When she finds scientist Frank Walker, who has made a strange discovery, they venture into Tomorrowland to unlock a deep secret.

Although the script sounds interesting, the film was slightly underwhelming, and perhaps partly because Tomorrowland missing a certain actor – Dwayne Johnson. Disney fans may know their ride in the theme park, Tomorrowland; in 2008, it was announced that he might get his own movie inspired by the ride. It was to feature Jon Lucas, Scott Moore and none other than Johnson. But, in 2011, when Fast Five was released and propelled Johnson into action movie stardom, it meant he was out for Tomorrowland.

Johnny Bravo

Johnson was about to calm down in live-action Johnny Bravoshortly after The Scorpion King. There’s no doubt he’d be a hit with the ladies as a Cartoon Network character; he even said he was a fan of Johnny Bravo himself, and we can see from his fantastic physique and brilliantly humorous personality why he would be a perfect fit. Unfortunately for all of us, the project never got any further, and Johnny was best left as a cartoon.

Not without hope

So far, we haven’t seen Johnson as a drama or thriller type of film, making the more explosive action and comedy genres his go-to. Of course, we’re not complaining about it, but he came very close to being part of this other world when he was to appear in a thriller, Not without hope. Based on the true story and non-fiction book by Jere Longman and Nick Schuyler, the film would detail four friends who became stranded at sea and struggled to survive.

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The film was to be made with Relativity Media, but they actually went bankrupt just two years after the project was announced. Instead, he was rescued by 36Films, but Johnson was no longer a part of it. However, to everyone’s relief, although the movie didn’t happen, Johnson actually produced a documentary about the story instead, title four down. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see a different side of Johnson in something more serious like a thriller, although we should never say never.

San Andreas 2

2015 disaster movie, San Andreas, was a huge hit for Johnson, as he received excellent reviews for his performance, although the film itself was criticized for its plot. It centered on a disastrous earthquake caused by the San Andreas Fault causing massive destruction. Many people have thought about how it would be possible to create a sequel to a disaster movie – how would the plot develop and what about the characters?

Despite concerns, it was announced that Johnson would indeed star in a follow-up, but they must have struggled as there wasn’t much progress and in 2019 it became clear disaster might have gone a little too far. away, and it was not possible to pursue him. While that makes sense, we know Johnson’s performance in the sequel would have garnered so much praise and would have been great to watch.

take my wife

take my wife was claimed by Lionsgate, but unfortunately did not take place. The romantic comedy would have starred Tyler Perry and Johnson and followed a guy who tries to turn a strange person into the perfect lover, for none other than his ex-wife. The Perry and Johnson combo would have been hilarious, and the two would have had great on-screen chemistry. However, no further updates were given, so we assumed it was not going forward. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see this silly comedy and are still waiting to see if anything emerges from the two actors in the future.

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