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This weekend, Perturbator released their highly anticipated fifth studio album, Lustful Sacraments. This is the first album the prolific producer has released in just over three years and he deepens his extremely unique sound more than ever. The often shunned territory of the “black synth” star gives the feel and ambiance of a haunting soundtrack interwoven with electronic dance music. Disruptor – real name James – spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about this style and how he sees and defines it.

The lustful sacraments are heavy in many ways. Not only are the deep, throaty synthesizers included in the album an extension of its unique sound, but the subject matter, Perturbator revealed, is designed to hit close to home as well.

James said: “It’s mostly very… I have this recurring theme in all of my albums which is very dark and nihilistic in different ways.

“And Lustful Sacraments is the same. It’s about self-destruction, how humans tend to destroy themselves through addiction, through discontent – so that’s basically the theme of the album.”

The producer added: “It’s not like a message. There is no lesson, I am not trying to point the finger. It is more a look at myself and so that d ‘other people, perhaps, can relate. “

His music has continued to develop this sound since his debut around 2012.

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The style of Perturbator has undoubtedly become unique. The albums and singles he releases are either loved or hated by critics, but that’s not something James thinks about when he sits down to create the music.

The 28-year-old said: “I don’t really think … I think it’s a little subconscious. I don’t really think about it too much.

“Maybe I have a little theory, which is to say that when I write music, I mostly … it’s like a melting pot of all my senses. not really, you know, in a genre.

“I don’t say to myself: ‘[the record] must be a techno album or a rock album. He mainly mixes up a lot of things that I like and I do it subconsciously. I think that’s what gives it its own style. “

Some of his early work has been classified in a synthwave genre, while his latest addition to his repertoire could certainly be placed under an umbrella term of “electronic music”.

While the title and label of Perturbator’s music has been the subject of some debate, he isn’t too worried about the type of music he makes, just the quality.

Firmly he said, “I do what I do.

“When I started making music, I was definitely leaning towards synthwave.

“But even then, the term synthwave was not as widely adopted as it is today.

“So a lot of terms came up – dark synth, stuff like [that] – and I really like having more stuff in my music. “

Although, he added, some of his tracks could even be considered “jazzy”, he revealed that he considered his music cover to cover: “I kinda like the term Pertrubator. . “

Much of the Perturbator fandom came in late 2012, early 2013 when the Devolver Digital Hotline Miami game came out.

The ultra-violent, genre-defining hit was filled with synthwave acts that became goliaths on the music scene a decade later.

Recalling this, James said, “The Hotline Miami soundtrack just arrived. They just contacted me and it was pretty cool. It also helped me take a little break. People started. to notice my video game music. “

In the future, could Perturbator see himself working on more video game or movie soundtracks? : “It’s not really something I’m looking for, [being involved in] games or movies.

“At the moment, I’m mainly focusing on my own music, my own album.”

Later this year, Perturbator has a few shows across the UK and Europe – if they perform – but beyond that? The Parisian admitted that he was going to take a little break.

Perturbator – Lustful Sacraments is now available.

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