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On August 19, India got their first Indie Rock Music NFT, ‘Nusrat’ from Chandigarh based band, ‘Naalayak’. Launched by FanTiger, India’s first music-dedicated NFT marketplace, the band made history by becoming the first indie rock band to release a song that fans can invest in and earn royalties. The concept of Music NFTs allows fans and investors to buy partial ownership of the song, share royalty revenue, access an exclusive community, limited-edition signed merchandise, and personally interact with the audience. ‘artist.

The group ‘Naalayak’ which composed the song is led by singer and songwriter Sahil Samuel. In an exclusive interview with The Plunge Daily, Samuel told us about the song, the origin of their band and the future of the Indian music scene in the era of NFTs.

What motivated you to do the song ‘Nusrat’? Why is he called Nusrat?
The song ‘Nusrat’ as a whole can be defined by the two words ‘Nusrat’ meaning ‘to ask’ and ‘Furqat’ meaning ‘freedom’. Therefore, “Nusrat” expresses the pursuit of releasing the lingering past when you have already moved forward, but the past continues to harass you. For this reason, to drive out the disturbing pasts, you ridicule them to leave you alone. Nusrat was written while on tour in Bangalore on April 1, 2022. There was no particular reason to write the song. We all carry a past with us that we wish to banish from our minds and from which we wish to be delivered. This song is the result of such a context.

Why is your band called Nalayak?
I’m going to start with a big “hahaha” for this question because I know this will be with me all my life. So the reality behind the name “Naalayak” is my school life. I was the worst student I ever enjoyed studying, just an 11th passed out student. So my teachers and my parents gave me this name. And now I use that name as my stage name.

Do you think the rock music scene in India is on the rise again?
Yes, I see it very well, for 3 years, it’s like a big boom in Indian rock culture. I am one of those who have been recognized for the indie culture and the alternative rock scene. I don’t think India will have a fixed genre, which is good because it means we will have versatile music and genres here in India. Moreover, platforms like FanTiger give a major boost to the artist and the music, which will benefit the entire industry.

You kind of made history when you became the first rock band to have an NFT screening in India. How did it happen?

I was aware of the concept but never paid much attention to it until one of my contacts told me about the first launch of Music NFT made by FanTiger. Subsequently, I discovered the benefits of NFTs for fans and artists. It was a perfect thing to do next. I wanted to express my gratitude to Naalayak fans for the support they have given through the NFT for Nusrat which is available at https://fantiger.com/nft/nusrat and wanted to involve them in the success.

How do you think digitization would affect the music scene in India in the future?

I think digitization helps us as artists to bring music to the masses. Music is more accessible than ever. First music streaming platforms and now music NFTs. The whole industry is evolving around digitization. Also, I have to say kudos to Fan Tiger for dedicating himself to the Music NFT space. Honestly, their confidence drives forward the fact that digitization will be at the heart of everything we do in the music space.

How much money do you expect from NFT?
Well honestly I would like this song to be a huge hit because it’s not just about Naalayak this time. The NFT money we are talking about is also for people who believe in Naalayak. But otherwise, money is just a number, I expect the music to appeal to the audience and here FanTiger plays a vital role in giving us greater reach.

Where do you plan to take your band in the near future?
It’s my dream and it will come true and it’s my faith that Naalayak won’t be recognized as a band that just performed in India. As we know that music has no boundaries or barriers, I want to see NAALAYAK do international tours and album tours in the future.

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