Dark theme infused with heavy rock music and soulful lyrics, Dark Capricorn Rising’s “Long Time Gone” is a must for rock fans



The heavy rock band, Rise of Black Capricorn announced their next single “A long time ago” with soulful lyrics and a fusion of melodies and heavy rock music makes the song unique.

As a rock lover, I try to diversify my playlist with new artists and bands because I know how underrated they can be. One of the new additions to this will be the band, ‘The Rise of Black Capricorn’ with his next single ‘Long duration’. I had the opportunity to listen to the track upstream and was blown away by the waves of pure talent the members have and their unflinching reflection on the track.

Since the first time I heard the song, I keep coming back to the track for its out-of-this-world composition. The song follows a dark theme throughout, but its soul is hidden in its lyrics. The track gave me the true essence of heavy rock and metal music and its lyrics gave me an inexplicable experience. The track captures the feelings of a hopeless soul experiencing emptiness in life. His lyrics express the frustration and rage a person feels when living without any achievement. The song also creates a psychedelic vibe with the heavy electric and bass guitar along with loud, loud drums. Another lament that caught my attention is the track’s lead vocalist and his powerful voice. All in all, it gave me an enchanting experience that I had to follow many times.

Vocalist Justin Williams, Rocky Di lacovo on drums and producer Rick Young on guitar created this masterpiece that almost made me feel a resemblance to Black Sabbath and I’m sure when it comes out in the world, he will get the recognition he deserves. You can listen to his other songs such as ‘blood of kings‘, ‘Point of a gun‘, ‘Hi‘, ‘Our dark love‘, etc. on YouTube, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and Apple Music. For more information, follow the group on Facebook.

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