Credit with online instant commitment.

Let’s be honest: If somebody had seriously said some time ago that in the near future you could immediately get credits via the internet, he would have only a mild smile, especially from the banks. And today? The already very high data security on the Internet as well as the industry-internal competitive pressure have made the seemingly impossible a reality.

But how does the transaction work, who comes as a potential borrower in question and – above all – where is the catch?

What you need to know about the loan with online instant confirmation

What you need to know about the loan with online instant confirmation

One thing should be made clear beforehand: The mere possibility of applying for a loan with online instant confirmation via the internet is no guarantee for a fixed commitment of the requested amount of money by the requested bank. And of course this is the catch from the customer’s point of view.

As in the case of conventional lending, in the course of the customer inquiry, an entire set of rules is also processed on the Internet in order to tap and ensure the creditworthiness of the customer.

Negative reservations, age overruns and unemployment as well as self-employment can lead to an immediate rejection of the request. However, those who qualify for the loan with Online Surftend usually keep the money in their hands within a few days.

Here, too, there is the huge advantage over the loan application with the local bank, because with this type of money acquisition, the decision-making within the bank are much longer, the payout is often only after a longer period.

But who is this product really interesting for? Due to the underlying private-economic complexity, it will still be possible to apply for the very large amounts, such as for building a house, best and safest from your local bank adviser.

The strength of this loan option is clearly in the quick procurement of small to medium-sized amounts of money for projects such as account balance, consumer purchase, vacation and car purchases, but also for spontaneous emergencies.

This is how the online request runs

This is how the online request runs

How does an application for the loan with Online Surftend over the Internet actually go? In order to stimulate customer acquisition properly, banks are sometimes luring with more favorable conditions than on-site at the bank.

As with any other loan, this reference variant therefore applies: compare, compare and compare again. As mentioned, the requesting person receives a notification of acceptance or cancellation after less than a minute.

The payment is made within a few days, the duration is usually between 24 and 84 months. The credit inquiry tools of most online providers are designed so that the potential customer enters the parameters loan amount and term as well as the necessary personal and financial data.

These entries take only a few minutes and are completed by clicking on a button. Before paying out, you usually have to legitimize yourself at a bank or post office branch, but then there’s nothing in the way of cash flow.