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For years, Tyler Perry made us smile with his ridiculously funny films that tackle heavy topics. Audiences can feel some of the lowest lows and greatest joys alongside Perry’s diverse cast of characters. But no character has achieved the same level of popularity as Madea, a character with a dozen live-action movies that Perry stars in, writes, directs and produces. The outspoken but kind-hearted grandmother is known for her over-the-top vengeful appearances, outspoken attitude, and big heart.

More than 15 years later, Madea continues to entertain audiences with new releases, although the 2022 film A Homecoming Madea may be the last. If you’re having trouble keeping up with all of his films, here they are in chronological order. Since there isn’t too much of a common thread in the Madea verse, the chronological order of the films is exactly the same as their release order.


Tyler Perry’s Madea Movies in Chronological Order and Release Date

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Tyler Perry obviously did something right with this film, otherwise it wouldn’t have sparked an 11-film franchise revolving around the same character. In Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea’s granddaughter, Kimberly, comes for help. Kimberly’s husband leaves her just before their wedding anniversary. Médée, who never does anything halfway, takes matters into her own hands and teaches her granddaughter to defend herself. The film serves as the perfect introduction to Madea’s extreme tactics and her over-the-top, rambunctious personality, as well as her loving, loyal heart.

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Madea’s Family Reunion

It doesn’t matter if a family has close friendships or strained relationships, everyone leaves family gatherings with comedic stories to tell. Given Madea’s strong personality, it’s no surprise that Madea’s Family Reunion is filled with relatable jokes that make viewers laugh. When her family begins to reveal their struggles below the surface, Madea must once again come to her family’s rescue. This film masterfully tackles the themes of abuse while maintaining a light and funny film that leaves the audience feeling good.

Meet the Browns

Meet the Browns It must be less Madea-focused than the other films on this list, but its presence is no less impactful. After Brenda hits rock bottom, she and her two children go to attend a family funeral in Georgia. They embark on an emotional journey to save their little family and grow to love the one they never knew existed. Meet the Browns complex themes, serious emotions and a stirring romance make the film a surprisingly gripping watch and hardly Tyler Perry’s most comedic film. Nonetheless, it’s still a fun and endearing film.

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Madea goes to jail

We’ve all wanted revenge on people for everyday inconveniences like cutting us off in traffic or stealing our parking spots. Madea lives out all of our wildest fantasies and pulls no punches when exacting revenge on her enemies. Madea goes to jail is often considered Tyer Perry’s funniest film due to its extreme circumstances and ridiculous humor, which is often a bit darker than Madea’s usual silliness. Even if viewers don’t have time for the whole movie, the iconic scene with Dr. Phil widely remembered and seen online will give audiences a taste of the film’s wacky sense of humor.

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I can hurt alone

I can hurt alone is an often moving film that shines a light on issues of domestic violence and recovery, and showcases Perry’s direction and performance as Madea near her zenith. When Madea hears children breaking into her home, she teaches them a lesson with the wild flair that made her famous. Madea takes the three teenagers to their aunt, a nightclub performer who wants nothing to do with them. As their aunt grows closer to a handsome man who has moved into their basement, she learns to open her heart again, slowly recovers from alcoholism, and improves. This film captures a good balance between serious stories and classic Madea comedy, and is a perfect example of Tyler Perry’s cinematic style.

Madea’s Big Happy Family

Madea’s niece, Shirley, enlists Madea’s help in bringing their family together for an important announcement. When Madea clashes with the family’s conflicting attitudes and conflicting opinions, she teaches everyone a lesson in respect. Madea’s Big Happy Family might have the funniest scene ever filmed in a drive-in window, but also some of the most heartbreaking family tragedies. It leaves viewers thinking about what really matters in life, but as usual, also leaves a smile on their faces.

Madea Witness Protection

In Madea Witness Protection Madea agrees to take in the Needle family after extenuating circumstances place them in witness protection. The personalities clash as Media’s strong personality clashes with the spoiled but well-meaning family. As the story unfolds, Madea and the family team up on Madea’s biggest adventure yet to save their local church and other needy causes nationwide. Featuring arguably the wackiest and most ridiculous humor in the Madea franchise, this film is beloved for its mix of cultures and the classic comedy that always accompanies Madea.

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A Madea Christmas

Tyler Perry released three holiday specials in a row, to help complete our family movie marathons over the last few months of the year.. A Madea Christmas by Tyler Perry carries the same upbeat humor and family comedy we love; the Christmas season, which focuses on family, faith, and sappy romance, is honestly perfect for the style of Madea’s films and makes it more than just a seasonal anomaly. Great wellness entertainment, A Madea Christmas is also an important holiday movie to be led by a diverse cast of people of color, in stark contrast to the often whitewashed Christmas movie classics.

Boo! A handmade Halloween

Boo! A handmade Halloween is, again, more than just a seasonal cash grab, though it did pull in $75 million from its $20 million budget, making it the third-highest-grossing film starring Madea. . The film follows a series of pranks and a game of cat and mouse between Madea and a group of fraternal boys who want Tiffany and Aday to attend their Halloween party.

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Madea crushes him when Tiffany sneaks up, and from there, the sisterhood seeks revenge, Madea hilariously pushing. The film holds a few surprises for the audience and never really reveals its hand until the final scenes, becoming surprisingly tense and dramatic in the final act, although A handmade Halloween is ultimately a very fun movie.

Boo 2! A handmade Halloween

Just a year after the first movie, Tyler Perry released Boo 2! A handmade Halloweenwhich is often considered the worst movie starring Madea, essentially a rehash of the first Boo! Family members teach each other lessons, kids get in trouble partying, people get tricked, and Madea is her usual wild self. The film increases the real level of horror of Boo! and has some really scary scenes, but overall it’s an extremely weak and tired retread.

A Madea family funeral

Perhaps one of Madea’s most irreverent films, A Madea family funeral takes the usual respectful and solemn setting of a family funeral and turns it into a laughing stock and a wild adventure. As Madea’s family reunites, dramatic and ugly secrets are revealed in this episode. While some viewers were disappointed with the lack of serious themes in this movie, most were just happy to see their favorite characters return.

A Madea Homecoming by Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry announced he would be retiring the Madea character in 2018, but four years later decided to bring her back, telling Weekly entertainment, “I was looking at the state of the world and how polarized it is…no one is laughing. No one has the chance to have a belly laugh anymore. kind of laugh?” As such, Perry is teaming up with Netflix to release the most recent Madea movie, and possibly the final episode, adapted from his play. Madea’s farewell piece.

A Madea Homecoming by Tyler Perry focuses on our favorite family as they celebrate Madea’s great-grandson’s graduation. The film introduces serious equal rights themes but tries to maintain the same level of humor that audiences expect; viewers, however, found the film to be a little weaker than usual, although critics tended to like it more. Nonetheless, it’s more or less the same, so if you like Madea even a bit, you’ll love this.

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