Central Intelligence 2 Chances were injured by Jumanji Movies



Central Intelligence 2 is unlikely due to Johnson & Hart’s collaboration on the Jumanji films, according to the original Central Intelligence director.

The chances of making a Central intelligence suite have been damaged by the Jumanji films, according to director Rawson Marshall Thurber. The original film, Central intelligence, Thurber’s fourth film, was released in 2016 and became a theatrical success, totaling $ 217 million against a production budget of $ 50 million. The film marked the first on-screen collaboration between its two stars, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, and the film’s success saw new collaborations between the two actors.

The scenario of Central intelligence follows two former high school buddies who reconnect as adults, when one, a CIA agent, and the other, an accountant, are pushed together on a national security mission. With Amy Smart, Jason Bateman, and Aaron Paul in supporting roles, the film marked the start of a successful working relationship between Thurber and Johnson, and was praised for the chemistry between Johnson and Hart. The success of the film has led to speculation that a sequel will emerge, but that now seems unlikely.


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As revealed via THR, during a session with Thurber, the Red Notice director revealed that he thought Jumanji movies hurt the possibility of a second Central intelligence film, at least in the near future. According to the director, the public’s appetite for a reunion between the two stars was most likely sated as they continued to work together in future films. When asked about a Central intelligence following, Thurber said: “We had an idea, but when Kevin and Dwayne went to do Jumanji, that itch was scratched for most people.”

Indeed, Hart and Jungle cruise star Johnson has now appeared in four films together, including the uncredited appearance of the first in Hobbs & Shaw, and they will star in vocal roles in the upcoming animated superhero comedy, DC League of Super-Pets. The couple, who maintain a close friendship off-screen, have given numerous interviews together to discuss their experiences working together, as well as their bonds away from the screen and that camaraderie that has manifested itself for the first time in Central intelligence was explored just a year later with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, as well as its 2019 suite, Jumanji: the next level. Thurber’s comments suggest he thinks any public desire to see the two actors reunite would likely have been satisfied by the Jumanji movie theater.

Of course, the success of the original film, as well as the growing success of Thurber’s career, means audiences cannot rule out the possibility of a Central intelligence following at one point. The director and Johnson obviously have a good working relationship, given their most recent collaboration, Red Notice, enjoy Netflix’s biggest opening day, and it seems likely the two will want to work together again at some point. The most likely explanation is that it will depend on the timetables, and with the three men having had a successful year and several new projects in the works, it could be some time before any chance of a Central intelligence the rest even becomes possible.

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