Calgary shoegazers Crystal Eyes share genre album ‘The Sweetness Restored’


Calgary shoegaze band Crystal Eyes are back with their second album, Sweetness rediscovered.

The melancholy collection strikes the perfect balance between new wave, 60s psych-rock and 90s shoegaze. Across its 10 tracks, the album is inspired partly by the streets of Montreal and partly by mountains, forests and lakes of the freest nature,” according to a statement.

Sweetness rediscovered is a collection of ten tracks that blend easily across genres. From new wave to psych-rock to shoegaze, this album contains a bit of everything. Ultimately, the record is a “feel-good self-help record for the Age of Existential Terror,” the band explains.

Stream the album and check out its tracklist below.

Sweetness rediscovered List of tracks:

01 – “Wishes”
02 – “Like a movie”
03 – “Don’t Look Back”
04 – “I still believe in love pt. 1”
05 – “I still believe in love pt. 2”
06 – “2,000 years”
07 – “For Carole”
08 – “Pretty Stupid”
09 – “A Dream I Had”
10 – “No Paradise”

Recorded at Montreal’s Breakglass Studios, the album channels unique sounds, using a theravox, Hammond C3 with Leslie speakers, string quartet, choir, detuned piano, analog synths and plenty of guitars. Produced and engineered by Andrew Woods, Crystal Eyes’ new record channels a playful and experimental sound, while maintaining thoughtful and emotive melodies.

Sweetness rediscovered features previously released singles “Wishes”, “Don’t Turn Around”, and “Like A Movie”.

Most of the record took place over 10 days in Montreal, shortly before the world shut down in the spring of 2020.

“It was such a creatively fulfilling time and one of the most unique artistic experiences I’ve had,” said vocalist and guitarist Erin Jenkins. “There were lots of laughs, a few moments of sheer exhaustion, and so much artistic generosity and wit poured into every ounce of the recording. When you listen, imagine us laughing and dancing along. studio as we joyfully remember our musical heroes. This album represents everything I have learned (so far) about the meaning of life and music.

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