Best Songs: A Guide to Tom Cruise Singing Nerdy Tunes in Movies


It’s hard to believe it happened soon after Superior gun, but Cruise’s arguably worst film saw him play a flair bartender at a restaurant in the American chain MOR, serving up extravagant booze with often sexy results. His credentials as a shakin’ lothario money maker who can also make you a decent margarita are browned by a scene in which the erotic mixologist begins ad-libbing Robert Palmer Addicted to love behind the bar as a woman looks longingly at him, either in love or perhaps just wondering when the hell is she going to get her drink.

Free fall’ Jerry Maguire (1996)

She is an arrogant American sports agent who has just been fired from her job, she is a naive and let’s face it desperate secretary and a single mother (played by the future multiple Oscar winner Renée Zellweger). Their relationship makes no sense and is actually quite tragic. But watch this highly overrated rom-com anyway for the always enjoyable scene where Jerry wanders off from doing what he thinks is a career-saving affair, searching the radio for a song to match his ecstatic mood, before finally quitting. install on Tom Petty’s 1989 classic Free fall’. Cue Cruise sings frantically at the top of her lungs with nobody’s aplomb.

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Little Deuce Coupe War of the Worlds (2005)

“The odds of something coming from Mars are a million to one, but it’s still happening!” OK, so unfortunately Cruise didn’t attempt to sing Jeff Wayne’s funky prog-rock opera from 1978 based on HG Wells’ creepy Victorian-era proto-sci-fi. But while playing the unlikely deadbeat father in Steven Spielberg’s hit 2005 film adaptation, he has a pretty sweet moment when, searching in vain in his mind for a lullaby to sing to his terrified daughter, from where he finds The Beach Boys’ 1963 hot-rod rock ode, sung in a thin, fragile voice with tears in your eyes.

Various songs Rock of Ages (2012)

Maybe we should be more careful about what we wish for. In 2012, Cruise really got to fulfill many of his obvious rock star fantasies when he joined the cast of a film based on a popular Broadway glam-rock jukebox musical. The actor took lessons with Axl Rose’s vocal coach to get up to speed for his role as brooding superstar Stacey Jaxx, and ended up singing surprisingly passable lead vocals on various songs, including Guns N’ Roses. city ​​of paradiseBon Jovi’s Wanted dead or alive and Def Leppard Pour sugar on me. Fortunately, the film flopped at the box office, and the music’s loss remains the acting’s gain.

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