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Science fictionWhere sci fi movies began in 1902 with the release of the French short, A Trip to the Moon. From space travel and beyond, to dystopian nightmares, sci fi the films have become ingrained in pop culture and produce some of the most memorable and successful films of all time.

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It is indeed a very different time for Science fiction films because it took until the 1960s for them to be taken seriously. These days, big, award-winning blockbusters like Marvel or low-budget independent films are harnessing ideas and stories of fantastic futures and cutting-edge technology. From high-tech vehicles to laser blasters, audiences around the world are finding joy in the sci fi genre thanks to the fascinating simulation scenarios combined with magical and spellbinding worlds for the characters to exist within.


7/7 Naboo

star wars is probably the most famous Science fiction all time movie series. Now owned by media giant Disney, Star Wars produces high-quality movies as well as TV/streaming shows for sci fi fans of all ages will enjoy. Tatooine may come to mind when thinking of star warshowever, planet Naboo has a more diverse and interesting ecosystem.

With Renaissance-like architecture on the planet’s surface and verdant forests, the land above only hints at the crucible of habitats in this infamous world. Deep beneath the waters of Naboo live a people known as the Gungan, the most famous of the Gungan people, Jar-Jar Binks, was heavily involved in the events of the galaxy-changing saga. Gungan City makes the surface world seem almost Stone Age in comparison. Bubble shields surrounding accommodations and common areas give an otherworldly feel that’s all great about the star wars franchise.

6/7 The Oasis

Loan player one was a glimpse into the fantastic potential future of gaming, especially virtual reality. Based on the book of the same name written by Ernest Cline, Loan player one the film, released in 2018, was directed by the one and only Steven Spielberg.

In Ready Player One, the company was obsessed with The Oasis, a virtual paradise where players could use their real money to purchase cosmetics for their in-game avatars. Like Fortnite, players could purchase licensed looks for clothing and even famous movie vehicles like the Batmobile or the Delorean from Back to the Future. Living most of their non-professional lives in The Oasis, the characters of Loan player one often found themselves preferring their life in the Oasis to their life in the real world.

5/7 LV-426

aliens is almost final sci fi following, at the limit of the action sci fi on the horror roots seen in the original film. The 1986 classic gave viewers another chance to join Ripley on her xenomorph-filled adventures. This time, Ripley is tasked with making contact with a colony on planet LV-426.

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Located in the Zeta Reticuli system, LV-426 is one of three moons orbiting Calpamos. Its terrain is made up of rocks, mountains, and lava, making its surface almost as terrifying as the alien queen and her offspring Ridley must fight for survival. Explored further by players of the Alien Isolation video game, this planet was also home to the derelict ship that contained the infamous space jockey in its cockpit.

4/7 Dinohattan

Super Mario Bros. the film was released in 1993 and was wildly different from its video game origins. Starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as Mario Bros, the film has since become a cult classic. Set in a strange land where dinosaurs never died out, they instead evolved as mammals on Earth and became the dominant species.

Dinohattan is where the majority of the film takes place, and viewers get to see the dystopian Blade Runner-esque town and its inhabitants. People here have seen their king transform into a giant mushroom that surrounds the city and Yoshi looks like he’s wandered away from the Jurassic Park set. The weird cyberpunk feeling of the whole movie is baffling, considering the Mario video games the movie was based on. However, take another look at this one and a masterpiece lies somewhere under its licensed roots. Trust the mushroom.

3/7 pandora

Avatar had been at the top of the all-time best-selling movie charts for years, until a little project known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe came along, and all bets were off. The film was released in 2009 and starred Sam Worthington as Jake Sully and was directed by James Cameron himself.

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Pandora is the film’s lush setting, with humans trying to colonize the lush jungle-filled planet much to the native Na’vi’s chagrin. Take a lot of queues The Legend of Zelda franchise with its giant tree of origin in the middle, the planet of Pandora was a mysterious green planet with a variety of alien creatures inhabiting it alongside the Na’vi.

2/7 Knowhere

guardians of the galaxy brought a little-known comic to the hearts of audiences around the world. The movie starring Chris Pratt as Starlord told the story of these space misfits reunited in ridiculous circumstances and Marvel hasn’t looked back since.

Of all the planets we see in the Guardians movies, none stands out as much as Knowhere. Home to space pirates, bandits, and villains, Knowhere is the decapitated head of a Celestial that has been turned into a space station/spaceship. The most fascinating part of Knowhere has to be the Collectors’ Museum which houses rare and forbidden Artificers from all corners of the galaxy. Strange creatures and fantastic objects are found in every corner of this unique and crazy space station.

1/7 The matrix

The matrix was and still is a phenomenon, a 1999 blockbuster that deservedly made its way onto most of the top sci fi movies of all time lists. Created by the Wachowskis, the Matrix has since spanned multiple sequels, an anime spin-off, video games, and even comic books. A cultural phenomenon is the only way to describe this film and its universe. In the future indicated by the Matrixhumans are now raised in the fields by machines.

Used as batteries to power the machine’s hive mind, humanity now exists only within an advanced program known as the Matrix. Keanu Reeves’ character, Neo, is an anomaly and exists outside of the rules that most still-hookup humans have to abide by. Neo and his resistance mates can break the laws of physics by running up walls, performing gravity-defying leaps, and downloading every known skill into their brains. Ignorance can indeed be bliss, as Cypher stated in the original film, as the abilities shown by Neo seem way cooler than what regular humans can accomplish.

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