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Jason Isaac is an acclaimed actor who has tackled what seems like every possible role. He has worked in both film and television, including voice acting in video games and animated series. Isaacs started acting in 1988, but didn’t really come to prominence until he was cast as Felton in dragon heart. Her roles in direct-to-television movies A relative stranger and Guardians ultimately led to him being cast in the 1998s sci-fi disaster film Armageddon. Since then, Isaacs has continued to hone his craft and starred in several films of various genres. This role led to even more work, including roles in resident Evil and Dawn.

More recently, Isaacs has been making waves on TV shows like Star Trek: Discovery, the OAand Castlevania. His upcoming projects include a biopic of 1970s record producer Neil Bogart titled turn the golda comedy film titled Married about a girl who struggles through life and falls in love with her new stepbrother, and an aptly named animated drama A winter journey of a melancholic poet who has been cast out of society and embarks on a perilous journey through wintry alpine terrain in pursuit of a potential new life. Deadline also recently reported that Isaacs will star as Cary Grant in a biopic for ITV Studios. While we wait for those projects to come out, let’s take a look at his best films, ranked.


ten After the fall

After the fall is a 2014 crime drama that tells the story of an average dad, Bill Scanlon (Wes Bentley), who resorts to a life of crime to support his family. Isaacs plays Frank McTiernan, the detective who investigates a series of robberies committed by his friend Scanlon. In an interview with The daily beast, Isaacs said his character was “a man who tests the soul of the main character”. This rings true for many of the so-called villain characters Isaacs has played over the years. After the fall had five nominations and one win.

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9 fire from heaven

fire from heaven is a 2019 Chinese-produced, English-dubbed film about a group of people who find themselves stranded on a beautiful island paradise in a volcanic ring road that is home to a theme park and volcanic resort. Isaacs stars alongside Alice Rietveld and Xueqi Wang. When the volcano itself erupts, chaos ensues. This film is excellent for trying to be serious while being a little more comical. The only thing missing from the movie are the dinosaurs, and that could be a knockoff of jurassic park.

8 Removal

Removal is a 2011 mystery action film about a boy named Nathan (Taylor Lautner) who is paired up with the girl across the street, Karen (Lily Collins) who he has a crush on, for a school project on missing children. To their surprise, they find a photo of Nathan himself on a missing children’s website and make contact. This small mistake turns Nathan’s life upside down, killing his family, played by Maria Bello and Isaacs. Although only in a small part of the film, Isaacs does a terrific job playing the stern but caring father figure.

seven Black Hawk Down

Isaacs plays Michael D. Steele in Dow black hawknot. Isaacs is the captain of the Black Hawk crew of which he does an excellent job. Black Hawk Down is a historical drama released in 2001, but the movie is set in 1993. The movie shows what happened when America sent special forces to Somalia in order to overthrow the authorities and offer food and a emergency aid to desperate residents. Two of the Black Hawk helicopters are quickly destroyed when Somali forces launch an unannounced attack during the process of freeing soldiers on the ground. From there, under intense attack, American soldiers must fight to reestablish their position. The film also stars Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor and Eric Bana.

6 The Harry Potter Franchise

Anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock for the past 15 years or so knows a little about Harry Potter. Isaacs plays Lucius Malfoy, the father of Harry’s schoolyard nemesis, who has his own secrets. The downright evil, yet polite way Isaacs portrays the elder Malfoy is so indicative of his skills as an actor. Isaacs got his start in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and was in every subsequent film in the series. When it’s time to end Harry Pottersays Isaacs Collider that he “was always aware that I would have to wrap my little furry friend in a wig and put him in a box and say goodbye to the cane.” All the joy was tinged with sadness for me.

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5 Mass

Mass is a 2021 film directed by Fran Kranz in his directorial debut, which focuses on how two families cope after a school shooting. Pulled straight from the headlines of real-life tragedies, Mass examines what gun violence in schools does to those directly connected to the events. Isaacs plays Jay, one of the fathers involved in the storyline. Loss, pain, trauma, guilt, rage, reconciliation, acceptance and healing are all things that Mass scrolls the characters. Although the environment is tense, dramatic and explosive, Isaacs demonstrates his talent in allowing the audience to fully appreciate him. Her fellow actors (Martha Plimpton, Ann Dowd and Reed Birney) each provide something to remember them in their performances. Mass had an impressive 80 nominations, including a 2022 BAFTA, and 43 awards.

4 sweet november

2001s sweet november is one of the saddest movies with the weirdest characters and brings joy in grief. Only an hour spent in the DMV, also known as torture, connects Sara Deever (Charlize Theron) to Nelson Moss (Keanu Reeves). They decide to have a month-long trial period of somewhat unusual romance followed by a breakup – because they’re intrigued by each other but aren’t ready to commit yet. The possibility of falling in love is something neither of them anticipates. Isaacs plays Chaz Watley, Sara’s neighbor and gay friend who takes care of her. Isaacs’ performance is only heightened by the fact that he actually dresses in drag at one point.

3 Armageddon

The 1998 disaster movie Armageddon from director Michael Bay tells the story of a well-known driller named Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis), who agrees to oversee a risky spaceflight to prevent an asteroid, roughly the size of Texas, from hitting Earth , assuming he can bring his promising young team. One of them is the pompous AJ (Ben Affleck), who Harry initially thinks is not suitable for his daughter (Liv Tyler), but the assignment eventually invalidates his thoughts. Isaacs plays Dr. Ronald Quincy, one of the space mission’s science advisors. Isaacs does a great job delivering one-liners that are meant to be serious, but end up giving a bit of geeky levity to the film as a whole.

2 Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a 2003 fantasy adventure film based on the classic book Peter and Wendy by JM Barrie. Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter) visits Wendy Darling (Rachel Hurd-Wood) while she tells stories to her brothers John (Harry Newell) and Michael (Freddie Popplewell). Peter, a young man who magically never ages, invites Wendy and her brothers to visit Neverland, an island that is home to him and the Lost Boys. However, there, Captain Hook (Isaacs) kidnaps Wendy and her brothers. To save the Darlings, Peter must confront Hook with the help of the fairy Tink (Ludivine Sagnier). This film is one of the best retellings of Peter Pan history and it’s all down to Isaacs, who shines as both George Darling and Captain Hook in this interpretation.

1 The Patriot

Isaacs plays Colonel William Tavington in The Patriota 2000 action war film also starring Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger and Joely Richardson. The Patriot tells the story of when the British invaded in 1776, and a widowed farmer with a gallant but brutal wartime past decides not to enlist. However, when his son joins the army and is later kidnapped by enemies, the former soldier is forced to abandon his pacifist faith in order to save his oldest. As a result, he established a brigade of Carolina Patriots, whose guerrilla techniques became essential to the United States military effort. Isaacs manages to maintain a compelling connection with the audience while playing the part of the story and delivering fantastic lines.

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