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Hollywood megastar Dwayne The Rock Johnson is really a jack of all trades; he is an actor, a businessman, a wrestler and a great human being admired. The successful star made his ring debut, adopting the iconic name “The Rock” and wrestling for wwe for eight years. Johnson’s character as a charismatic and talkative wrestler helped propel his career and ultimately led him to pursue an acting career. The actor’s first leading role was that of the main character in the years 2002 The Scorpion King, and since that strong introductory transition, he has been a constant force in filmmaking.

Although he initially launched his Hollywood career as an action star, Johnson has proven to audiences and critics that he is more than just a muscle; he went on to appear in family movies, Disney animations and big budget comedies. The superstar can shine in any genre and charm like any character, and his films have grossed over $ 10.5 billion worldwide. Johnson will wear a different hat again with his role as DC’s main character in Black adam, an upcoming superhero movie. With a career spanning two decades, it’s time to explore Dwayne’s best “The Rock” Johnson movies.

ten The game plan

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2007 Disney Family Comedy The game plan presents Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson branching out from the action genre and turning into a different kind of movie. It focuses on a professional quarterback who finds out he has an 8-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. The film showcased Johnson’s acting skills and demonstrated his financial ability and talent for doing more than fight scenes and physical roles. He was also praised for his charisma and charm in the film, and The game plan was a financial success for the star. It is also the final film where Johnson is credited using her ring name.

9 The Scorpion King

Dwayne Johnson positions a bow and arrows to shoot in The Scorpion King
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Johnson’s first leading role in Hollywood was the main character in the 2002 Sword and Witchcraft action film. The Scorpion King. Serving both as a prequel and a spin-off to the ultra-successful The Mummy franchise (in which Johnson also appeared), the film portrays Mathayus’ origins and his ultimate rise to power as the legendary hero, the Scorpion King. The success demonstrated Johnson’s skills as a future action star and helped launch his film career. Despite criticism for the film itself, Johnson’s performance was praised, as was his ability to direct and headline a major film.

8 Walk with your head held high

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A remake of the movie of the same name from 1973, years 2004 Walk with your head held high introduced Johnson as a former American soldier who returns home only to find him riddled with corruption and crime, and promises to handle the problem directly. With an entertaining supporting cast like Johnny Knoxville, Neal McDonough and Ashley Scott, Walk with your head held high is a fun movie with lots of action, drama, and humorous jokes. Johnson and Knoxville bounce back well as longtime buddies, and the former is in its element, showcasing both its physique and its sympathetic cinematic appeal. The on-screen star character, a mixture of harshness and humor, would become a staple of his ever-expanding career.

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seven The summary

The Rock looks torn and angry in The Rundown
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2003 action adventure comedy The summary follows Dwayne Johnson as a bounty hunter tasked with retrieving his employer’s son in Brazil. With a notable supporting cast including the hilarious Seann William Scott, Christopher Walken, and Rosario Dawson, the film continued to solidify Johnson’s status as a true action star. With plenty of memorable and exhilarating fight sequences, delicious humor, and overall kicking, the star’s dedication to her craft is palpable. The chemistry between Johnson and Scott is fun to watch as well, and their dynamic has been hailed by critics as a saving grace for an otherwise critically dismissed film.

6 Jumanji: the next level

Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan in a Truck in Jumanji
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Jumanji: the next level is the sequel to the blockbuster blockbuster of 2017, and Dwayne Johnson is reunited here with his charming co-stars Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan for more fun. With this eagerly awaited sequel, the audience was introduced to new actors and characters including Awkwafina, Danny DeVito and Danny Glover. The story picks up two years after the previous adventures in Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle, and sees the gang return to the infamous game as they attempt to save one of their own. Johnson shines once again as Dr. Xander “Smolder” Bravestone, an avatar from the game, with his humor and sultry “smolder” front and center. The sequel was both a critical and box office success, and Johnson’s impression of DeVito drew plenty of laughs and praise.

5 Fast Five

Dwayne Johnson looks serious in Fast Five
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The iconic heist action franchise Fast Furious is known for its gravity-defying stunts and blood-pumping action sequences. For the fifth installment of 2011 Fast Five, Dwayne Johnson has been brought in to play U.S. Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs, who is fiercely pursuing the group and Dom for an arrest. Upon release, the film garnered great reviews and was a huge financial success, grossing over $ 600 million. Critics and fans alike have lauded Johnson’s addition to the mix, who has been praised for breathing new life into the franchise. The empire raves about the performance of the star saying, “How do you revive an aging franchise? Fall [Johnson] above. The best thing, by far, in Fast Five, Dayne Johnson goes through the film, leaving traces of testosterone in its wake. While he may not return in the next installments, Johnson made an indelible impression in the Fast Furious franchise.

4 Central intelligence

Central Intelligence Trailer with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson

Dream team Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart joined forces for the first time in Central intelligence, which tells the story of two former high school friends who run away after getting involved in international espionage. Johnson hilariously portrays Bob Stone / Robbie Weirdicht, a bullied and overweight former student who turned into a sculpted and tough CIA agent. Hart stars as a former star athlete turned accountant whose life is turned upside down when Johnson bulldozes there. The chemistry of the entertaining duo is the film’s greatest asset and would see major box office success. The duo developed their winning chemistry here, having made three more films and more to come.. A Central intelligence the sequel is currently in preparation.

3 MoanaFor the Disney animated action movie Moana, Dwayne Johnson lent his voice to represent Maui, a legendary shape-shifting demigod. The story follows Moana, the daughter of village chief Tui who is chosen by the ocean to restore the heart of Te Fiti. The young heroine enlists the help of reluctant Maui to break the terrible curse. The family adventure film wowed both audiences and critics alike, who praised the visuals, animation and vocal performances. Johnson was even able to show off his singing skills by performing the entertaining number “You’re welcome.His portrayal of Maui has also been acclaimed and hailed with numerous accolades, and is a personally important film for the actor, who told the LA Sentinel that the film was “an opportunity to present a culture which is very important to [him]. “

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2 Jungle cruise

Jungle Cruise movie: Dwayne Johnson wants Wonder Woman director
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Based on the beloved Disney theme park attraction, the 2021 fantasy adventure film Jungle cruise stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt as a riverboat captain and scientist on a journey through a dangerous jungle in search of the gabled tree of life. Johnson is full of charm and wit as Frank Wolff, a steamboat skipper (with a mysterious past) who is reluctant to help Dr Lily Houghton (Blunt) and her brother MacGregor (Jack Whitehall). The pandemic blockbuster has been praised for its entertainment values, and Johnson’s chemistry with Blunt has also been recognized and appreciated. A sequel is currently in development with the return of the duo.

1 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review: A Risky and Hilarious Adventure
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Dwayne Johnson is at his best when he combines his impressive physique with his charming wit and humor. For a comedy-adventure film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, the superstar did just that with his memorable and entertaining portrayal of the tongue-in-cheek avatar Dr. Xander “Smolder” Bravestone. This new edition of Jumanji The franchise (once made popular by the late Robin Williams) follows a group of teenagers who find themselves trapped in the infamous game and reproduced as a group of adult avatars who must complete quests to get home. Co-starring with Hollywood heavyweights Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan, the film received rave reviews and grossed nearly a billion dollars worldwide. The Guardian praised Johnson for his “endearing performance” and the film’s success led to the 2019 sequel. Johnson is sure to continue the franchise and will soon be entering a new phase of his career with Black adam.

Jumanji 4 could arrive sooner than expected
Jumanji 4 producer teases ‘really big vision’ for sequel

Dwayne Johnson’s reboot of Jumanji will receive another installment, and it looks like it will be even bigger than the last.

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