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As Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says, “single stories are dangerous” because they can lead to very misconceptions about people and their lives. If you scour the internet, you will find Australian films described as gloomy, depressing, joyless, violent, crude, etc. But that would just show that you haven’t seen enough Australian movies to learn about the country’s many stories.

Australians have been producing films for over a century. The first feature film is said to have been made in Australia: The story of the Kelly gang (1906). But it wasn’t until the early 1970s that a new generation of filmmakers, with the help of the Australian Film Commission, changed the way Australian films were made.

Movies in the modern age

It wasn’t until the early 1970s, when a new generation of Australian filmmakers were funded by the Australian Film Commission, that the country’s cinema was transformed.

People all over the world paid attention to these films, which were dubbed “Australian New Wave”. In recent years, First Nations Australians, who have been marginalized and persecuted for far too many years, have been able to express themselves in films produced in Australia.

When you think of the number of films made in Australia since the 1970s, it is difficult to choose only 3. A small change: I did not include Jane Campion’s The piano (1993), which was made with Australian money but is set entirely in New Zealand.

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Picnic at the hanging rock

Peter Weir’s critically acclaimed film is based on Joan Lindsay’s novel, mistakenly believed to be a true story. On Valentine’s Day in 1900, a group of girls from a girls’ boarding school in Victoria travel to Hanging Rock for the day. After a picnic period, a small group of students, guided by an instructor, decides to climb the rock. Only one frightened girl from this small group returns. The rest disappears completely.

Picnic at the hanging rockthe mystery lacks simple answers or resolutions. It’s more about growing up as a girl in Victorian Australia, which was very strict. But the story and its ideas will always be relevant. Hanging Rock, a spiritually sacred landmark for First Nations Australians, is also mentioned in the story. Ultimately, the film’s most memorable things are its spooky setting and haunting music. The film was one of the first Australians to be a major hit worldwide.

Mad Max film series

In the madmax Film Series, George Miller had the innovative idea of ​​reinventing the immense Australian desert as a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Mel Gibson played the title role in the first madmax trilogy, which was made as a result. Several dystopia-themed sequels [Furiosa is currently in production] followed in the footsteps of the success of the first trilogy. The first film in the series only cost $400,000, but it made $100 million.

Mad Max: Fury Road began development in the early 2010s, after years of rumors of a fourth installment. The film’s unique use of realistic effects, special effects, and top-notch makeup helped it become one of the best action films of all time. road of fury was a great action movie, but it also talked about women’s rights and the environment in a very nuanced way. You can watch the madmax trilogy on Netflix.

Wake up in fear

Wake up in fear by Ted Kotcheff is undoubtedly the scariest film about Australia. Scorsese called it a “deeply, and I mean deeply, disturbing and disturbing film” after seeing it at the Cannes premiere. by Boorman Issuancea film about city-raised males who get into trouble in a rural town, came out the year before this one. Wake up in fear is not assembled clearly as Issuance. However, it’s a more terrifying journey into the realm of primal horror.

The plot centers on an elementary school educator named John Grant. He despises his job as a teacher in a rural school and wishes to visit his lover in Sydney during the Christmas holidays. But when people drink all night, everything goes crazy. Even though Wake up in fear is corny and exploitative at times – it’s a classic in the subgenre called “Ozploitation” – and a serious look at violent masculinity. Outback Australia is also a character in its own right due to its size, isolation and warmth.

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