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Elvis, the biographical drama about the king of rock n’ roll, features a career-defining performance for star Austin Butler. Butler, who is joined by Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge and David Wenham in this Baz Luhrmann-directed film, powerfully portrays one of the most formative musicians of the 20th century.

Austin Butler may be a new face to many audiences, but his career dates back to the last fifteen years, during which the actor has appeared in a number of recognizable films. With Elvis In theaters this weekend, new Butler fans might want to check out the highest-rated films of his career so far.


ten Yoga Pants – 4.2

Austin Butler Yoga Hosers

Yoga pants is a comedy horror film directed and written by Kevin Smith, known for his work on Clerks and Jay and Silent Bobwhich acts as a spin-off of his previous film Defense. The star-studded box office flop features Johnny Depp, Lily-Rose Depp, Natasha Lyonne and more, plus cameo appearances from Smith, Kevin Conroy and even Stan Lee.

In this 2016 film, Austin Butler plays Hunter Calloway, a high school student who acts as the love interest of one of the two main characters. However, Hunter and his roommate are ultimately revealed to be devil worshipers attempting to kill their future love interests as a sacrifice. Naturally, the largely obscene character of this film did not Yoga pants one of Butler’s finest performances.

9 The Intruders – 4.5

Austin Butler The Trespassers

In 2015, Austin Butler joined Miranda Cosgrove, Donald Logue and Tom Sizemore in a Canadian horror film titled Intruders. The film tells the story of a woman (Cosgrove) who moves in with her father (Logue) after her mother’s death, only to discover that his new home may be hiding dark secrets.

In Intruders, Butler plays Noah Henry, a young man who Cosgrove’s character is attracted to after moving to Chicago. He aids her in her quest to get to the bottom of the many strange happenings surrounding her new home, the culmination of which becomes the catalyst that drives the film’s final act.

8 Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure – 4.7

Austin standing with Sharpay on stage in Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

In 2011, Disney Channel aired a spin-off on one of the most popular Disney Channel Original movie franchises of all time, musical high schoolentitled Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventurewith Ashley Tisdale reprising her role as the iconic Sharpay Evans as she travels to New York in hopes of booking a role in a Broadway show.

Austin Butler plays Peyton Leverett, a potential filmmaker whom Sharpay meets upon arriving in New York. After challenging her on her many character flaws, Peyton ends up caring for Sharpay, helping her acclimate to her new surroundings. The two eventually develop feelings for each other, with their romance bringing the film to a satisfying conclusion.

seven The Bling Ring – 5.1

Austin Butler The Bling Ring

The bling ring is a 2011 Lifetime film that follows the lives of several teenagers who, in an attempt to gain media attention, serially rob vacant celebrity homes. The film aired in the fall of 2011 to generally unfavorable reviews from critics, leading to an equally lukewarm reception for Sofia Coppola’s 2013 film of the same name, based on the same real events.

Austin Butler stars as the male lead in The bling ring, Zack Garvey, who embarks on a series of heists alongside his partner, Natalie Kim (Yin Chang). This is the first time Butler would portray a character based on an actual individual, which he would do to greater effect with his breakout role in Elvis.

6 Dude – 5.1

Austin Butler man

Dude is a 2018 Netflix Original film starring Lucy Hale, Awkwafina, Alexandra Shipp and Katheryn Prescott as high school girls in the days leading up to their prom. This coming-of-age comedy-drama was met with a lukewarm response from fans and critics, and is not considered one of the best films for any cast member.

Austin Butler appears relatively briefly in Dude, playing the character of Thomas Daniels. Thomas is the brother of Katheryn Prescott’s character, Chloe, who dies in the film’s opening sequence in a tragic car accident. Her memory continues to drive subsequent plot events, as the main characters, especially Chloe, must deal with the aftermath of her death.

5 The Dead Don’t Die – 5.4

Austin Butler, the dead don't die

The dead don’t die is a 2019 comedy horror film that stars Adam Driver, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton as residents of a town named Centerville at the start of the zombie apocalypse. The film also features a number of celebrity cameos, including one from well-accomplished Disney Channel star Selena Gomez.

In the film, Austin Butler plays Jack, one of three characters that also includes Zoe (Gomez) and Zack (Luka Sabbat). This group has a relatively minor role in the film, as they have a rather unfortunate off-screen encounter with the zombies and are later discovered dead by the protagonists.

4 Aliens in the Attic – 5.4

Austin and his co-star look shocked in Aliens In The Attic

Aliens in the attic is a 2009 sci-fi comedy that tells the story of a family who discovers, as the film’s title suggests, that aliens are living in their attic. Although the aliens are there to help an impending invasion, they eventually befriend the family and fight to save their planet from their soon-to-be-arriving compatriots.

In the film, Butler plays Jake Pearson, the main cast’s older cousin, who is, according to his family, a “show-off.” Throughout the film, Jake must learn to temper his ego while being rescued by his siblings and cousins ​​from the most antagonistic of their new alien acquaintances.

3 My Uncle Rafael – 5.5

My Uncle Rafael Poster

John Michael Higgins and Missi Pyle star in My uncle Raphaela 2012 film by Marc Fusco which tells the story of an unlucky television producer who, in a last ditch effort to salvage his dying career, convinces his uncle Rafael to start his own reality show where he is thrown into the middle of a dysfunctional American family where he is tasked with mending long-standing relationships

In My uncle Raphael, Butler portrays the character of Cody Beck, who has a relatively minor role in the film. Although the film was the first American comedy to feature an Armenian lead role, it received lackluster reviews, as Butler’s performance could not prevent the film from rapidly fading from the cultural zeitgeist.

2 Once upon a time… in Hollywood – 7.6

Tex on horseback in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Once upon a time… in Hollywood is Quentin Tarantino’s latest directorial feature, including an edited version of the events of the horrific murder of Sharon Tate at the hands of the Manson family. The 2019 film received mostly positive reviews and became one of Quentin Tarantino’s most reviewable films of all time.

Austin Butler portrays Tex, a fictionalized version of Charles Denton Watson Jr., an actual member of the Manson family cult who participated in the gruesome murder of Sharon Tate. However, in true Tarantino fashion, the events of the story are drastically altered in this film, with Tex and his compatriots meeting gruesome deaths before they can carry out the infamous murder.

1 Elvis – 7.8

elvis austin butler play it good

by Baz Luhrmann Elvis tells the story of the life of one of the most formative names in music history, the eponymous Elvis Presley. Starring Austin Butler as Elvis and Tom Hanks as the clever and unethical Tom Parker, the film opens June 24, 2022.

The first reactions to Elvis highly praised Butler’s performance as the King of Rock n’ Roll, with the actor being praised for what is, without a doubt, the biggest role of his career to date. As reviews continue to pour in for the latest musical biopic to hit theaters, Butler is sure to be remembered for her brilliant performance during Oscar season.

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