Americana Vibes Celebrates Summer With Genre-Changing Compilation


American atmosphereThe label responsible for the recent tribute to Bill Monroe nominated for the Grammy Awards of the Infamous Stringdusters, is very happy to present the first in a series of digital compilations, Summer in the mountains. The compilation was sorted on the aspect to represent the wide range of sounds not only offered by label artists, but also as a definition of the place where the Genres Bluegrass and Americaa meet and evolve.

“There is no better time than now to highlight the considerable efforts made by the artists of Americana Vibes,” said Ariel Rosemberg, label manager. “We are so fortunate to be represented in today’s market by some of the best sounds in bluegrass and Americana. There is an evolution happening in this space right before our eyes and to represent this sound in our first compilation on the market is an honor in itself.

Americana Vibes was founded at the end of 2020 in partnership between the winning group of a Grammy Award, The Infamous Stringdusters and Music Group Regime in order to honor the heritage of the American tradition by emphasizing the sounds of the future coming from within space.

Since its creation, the label has released discs for the Dusters (who then received a Grammy nomination for the best album Bluegrass for their work on a tribute to Bill Monroe), Midnight North, the Sweet Lillies, Wood Belly, Tyler Grant and Morse – as well as certain solo versions of the members of the dusters – all in a variety of configurations, including digital versions only, physical versions and articles in limited edition Record Store Day.

The idea with this outing is simply to offer a retrospective look at the first outings of the label, thematically oriented towards a summer that is tearing. So while you’ve got your bags packed and your festival tickets in hand, drop it off on your next summer adventure.

Summer in the mountains is available now and please see below for a full list of tracks.

The Infamous Stringdusters – Down the Mountain

Song – Road trip

North midnight – Coyote

Andy Falco – The Edge

Andy Hall – Foggy Mountain Rock

The Sweet Lillies – World Lovers

Trad plus / chris pandolfi – wading in the stream

Travis Book – Homecoming (Live)

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