A thoughtful tribute to rock music legends Black Sabbath is unveiled in Birmingham



The Black Sabbath artistic mirror

And Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi was a special guest at the Velvet Music Rooms on Broad Street to see the unusual tribute for himself.

The hand-etched mirror with neon lighting, which will eventually hang in Tony Iommi’s studio, depicts the iconic Black Sabbath heavy metal bench that adorns the Black Sabbath Bridge on Broad Street.

The Mirror is also named “Never Say Die” in homage to Sabbath’s 1978 album and title track – the last studio album with the band’s original line-up.

Tony Iommi on the bench with Mike Olley

The mirror was designed and made by Black Sabbath fan Paul Riding, who originally created it for an art exhibition held at the Velvet Music Rooms.

Tony, who made his visit after receiving a picture of the mirror, said: “It’s the first time I’ve seen it in person and it’s fantastic. I love it. I’m going to edit it in my studio.

Tony Iommi with the mirror

Paul, who engraved the mirror by hand, said: “I am absolutely delighted that my work now adorns a room in Tony Iommi’s studio. What an honor! I’ve been a huge Black Sabbath fan since the 1980s. ‘Never say die!’ is one of my favorite songs, so it had to be there.”

Mike Olley, Managing Director of the Westside Business Improvement District (BID), said: “We are buying the mirror as a special gift for Tony for all the work he has done for the BID and Birmingham as a whole.

“He has, and continues to be, a fantastic ambassador for Westside and his hometown.”

After seeing the mirror at the Velvet Music Rooms, Tony bumped into novelist Paul Finch who was at the Velvet for a separate arts event.

Paul gave Tony a copy of his latest book.

Tony Iommi with Paul Finch

Tony’s contributions to BID include a special guest vlog recording in June this year in which he wrote about his early days as a welder and engineer.

He was also heavily involved in endorsing the now famous Black Sabbath bench, which he and teammate Geezer Butler unveiled in June 2019.

After the visit to Velvet, Tony then visited Broad Street with Mr. Olley and enjoyed sitting on the Black Sabbath bench again.

Citywide, Iommi, whose name also appears on Broad Street’s ‘Walk of Stars’, played a major role in the opening ceremony of this year’s Commonwealth Games at the Alexander Stadium.

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