8 New Horror Movies Release This Week, Including ‘Barbarian’ In Theaters



With summer (unofficially) over and the Halloween season in full swing, these weekly roundups are about to get super-packed with fresh new horror at home and in theaters!

Eight new horror movies are releasing in this first full week of September, and believe me when I say that even that’s been a quiet week compared to what’s to come soon.

Here are all the new horrors that are coming September 6 – September 11, 2022!

First, Dread’s small cinema just released On Demand yesterday, a multiversal madness horror anthology which is also coming to Blu-ray on October 11th this year.

Sit back, relax and be uncomfortable…

From the creators of butt boy, small cinema is said to be “a twisted tale of seemingly unrelated strangers whose lives will forever change in incredible and bizarre ways. As reality unfolds, each person must face incredible challenges from a multiverse in search of answers to the essential questions of life, death, love and the fate of our future.

Tyler Mahout directed small cinemawritten by Cornack, Ryan Koch and Bill Morean.

Tyler Rice, Philip Ursino, Sam Landers, Kristina Clifford, Shelby Dash, Austin Lewis, Olivia Herman, Matt Rubano, Kyle Lewis, Matt Rasku, Tyler Cornackand Kevin Michael Moran star.

quiver brings the long-awaited and award-winning Shudder Original Salum to their streaming service this Thursday, September 8, a Senegalese horror film.

The film, written and directed by Jean-Luc Herbulot (Merchant), was a breakout release of Midnight Madness at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival, before playing at Fantastic Fest 2021, Red Sea International Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival and International Film Festival of Vancouver 2021.

In Salum, shot after fleeing a coup and extracting a drug lord from Guinea-Bissau, the legendary mercenaries known as the Bangui Hyenas – Chaka, Rafa and Midnight – must hide their stolen gold bounty, stay at land long enough to repair and refuel their plane and flee to Dakar, Senegal. When they take refuge in a holiday camp in the coastal region of Sine-Saloum, they try to blend in with the other guests; including a mute named Awa, with her own secrets, and a policeman who may be after them, but it’s Chaka who hides the darkest secret of them all. Unbeknownst to the other Hyenas, he brought them there for a reason and once his past catches up with him, his decisions have devastating consequences, threatening to unleash hell on them all.

Salum is a daring combination of horror, revenge thriller and African folklore that deserves all the accolades it has received at festivals,” said Shudder General Manager Craig Engler. “We are proud to share this incredibly original and thrilling film in the distinctive voice of Jean Luc Herbulot with our members and viewers.”

Salum stars Yann Gael, Evelyne Ily Juhen, Roger Sallah, Bruno Henry, Marielle Salmier and Mentor Ba.

Adrian King survived Mrs. Voorhees in the original Friday 13 and she will make her return to the horror in The dead girl in apartment 03available on Digital this Thursday.

This one is courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing.

“After recently moving to New York, a young woman is horrified to find that her roommate has died in their apartment under mysterious circumstances. After his body is taken away by the police, Laura soon senses an unsettling presence in the apartment. and paranormal signs that she will soon be the next victim.With the help of two New York City detectives, Laura must uncover the secret behind her roommate’s death before it’s too late.

Laura Doolin (Blu-Bloods) and Michael Schantz (city ​​on a hill) also stars in the independent horror film, the latest from the cult author Kurtis Spieler (cult classic new york ninja).

This week’s biggest new release is the lopsided horror movie Barbaric, which received rave reviews. 20th Century and New Regency bring it to theaters on September 9.

In Barbarica young woman (George Campbell) traveling to Detroit for a job interview books a rental house. But when she arrives late at night, she discovers that the house is double-booked and a strange man (Bill Skarsgard) is already staying there.

Against her better judgment, she decides to spend the evening, but soon discovers that there is much more to fear than just an unexpected guest.

Written and directed by Zach Creggerthe film also stars Justin Long, Matthew Patrick Davis, Richard Brake, Kurt Braunohler and Butler Jaymes.

The House of Darkness Trailer 1

Following its premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival, Saban Films will enter the house of darkness in limited theaters September 9, 2022 and on VOD platforms September 13.

drag me to hell and Defenseit is Justin Long and Kate Bosworth (Black Rock, before I wake up) both star in this alluring thriller from the director Neil La Bute (The wicker man).

In the movie…

“Returning home to her secluded estate after meeting at a local bar, a score-ready player thinks her beautiful and mysterious date will be another casual encounter. As they get to know each other, their flirtation becomes playful, sexy and Hoping to be lucky, his luck may have just run out.

The trailer dumps the beans on house of darkness to be a “reimagining” of Bram Stoker’s classic horror tale Draculawhich was not spoiled by previous marketing.

Joe Lipsett rated house of darknesscalling it “a simple and hilarious black comedy”, adding: “house of darkness makes for a witty, sometimes campy, often hilarious evening.

Margaux trailer

Director Steven C. Miller (Silent Night, First Kill, Escape Plan 2) returns to the horror genre with his next film, titled Margaux and coming this Friday from Paramount.

The film will be available at digital outlets.

Madison Pettis (He is all that), vanessa morgan (Riverdale) and Richard Harmon (The 100) star of the film, which pits a group of friends against an insidious smart home.

What Margaux wants, she gets. As a group of senior citizens celebrate their final days of college in a smart home, the home’s highly advanced AI system, Margaux, begins to take on a deadly presence. A carefree weekend party turns into a dystopian nightmare as they realize Margaux’s plans to eliminate her tenants one way or another.

“Time is running out as the group desperately tries to survive and outsmart the smart home.”

The cast also includes Lochlyn Munro, Jedidiah Goodacre, Phoebe Miu, Jordan Buhat, Brittany Mitchelland Louis Lay. The screenplay was written by Nick Waters and Chris Beyrooty.

The Bloody Disgusting SCREAMBOX will unveil its next exclusive this Friday, Ivan Castellthe in-depth documentary The rise of synths by Mutiny Pictures.

The documentary is narrated by John Charpentier (Halloween, the thing, they live)!

The rise of synths dives deep into the world of Synthwave, the ’80s-inspired genre that has served as the backdrop for amazing shows and movies like “Stranger Things“, Beyond the Gates, Turbo Kid, The Guestand more.

The rise of synths travels through nine countries, interviewing the scene’s biggest stars and original pioneers. The film explores the roots of the now popular Synthwave scene, tracing its humble beginnings online and underground to its impact on today’s pop culture.

Featured in the documentary are Carpenter Brut, Dance With the Dead, Power Glove, Gunship, Celldwellerand tasteamong others.

Netflix at the end of the road

netflix Thriller in French End of the road pits Queen Latifah and Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges against a killer, and the film will premiere on Netflix this Friday, September 9.

Netflix previews, “In this high-octane action-thriller, a cross-country road trip becomes a highway to hell for Brenda and her family. fight for their lives when they become the target of a mysterious killer.

Beau Bridges, Mychala Faith Lee, Shaun Dixonand Frances Lee McCain also star.

Millicent Shelton directed the thriller, written by Christopher J. Moore and David Loughery.

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