7 Best New Movies To Stream This Week On Netflix, HBO Max And More (August 30 – September 2)



Summer is ending with a treat for those looking for new movies to watch online. One of the best movies of the year — and it’s not a movie I expected to say this — is finally on a streaming service. Yes, while the likes of Top Gun: Maverick are currently in a premium video-on-demand danger zone, The King is now on HBO Max.

By that I mean Baz Luhrman’s film Elvis, which tells the story of Mr. Presley through the lens of his manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). While Hanks’ performance is almost far-fetched, the movie is unlike anything you’ll see all year. Austin Butler’s performance as the titular king of rock n roll exudes the captivating and powerful energy that creates stars.

Elsewhere in the streaming world, you’ll find satirical Baptist comedy and the (supposedly) latest Jurassic Park or World film. Need more? Netflix has a romance in Italy, a thriller sees a graffiti artist take on a local judge, and another of Bruce Willis’ latest films debuts online.

And for those looking to watch other new movies on streaming/digital, well, as of last Friday you can watch Nope online. That said, I recommend picking it up at the theater. It is so good.

I Came (Netflix)

Trying to unlock the secrets of a creep is fine until that person is in power. Such is the case when graffiti artist Toby (George Mackay) tries to reveal that local judge Sir Hector Blake (Hugh Bonneville) has some dirty secrets. But after breaking into the man’s house is the easy part, getting out is only the first scare, as the secrets uncovered reveal a huge scandal. Toby’s friends and family become targets as Blake seeks to protect his own world from lies.

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Love at the Villa (Netflix)

If your summer didn’t deliver the romance you had in mind, then Netflix has tickets to Verona, Italy with your name on it. Meet Julia (Kat Graham), who is in exactly the same boat as you, after being dumped by Brandon (Raymond Ablack). She has her own ticket to paradise in Verona, which she booked for herself and Brandon back when she thought they were going to get engaged there. Fortunately, the hotel has the perfect surprise waiting for it: the very buff and very good Charlie (Tom Hopper). The hotel has booked them into the same hotel room twice, and although they don’t get along at first, this coincidence seems to work.

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Elvis (HBO Max)

I’ve seen the trailer for Baz Luhrman’s Elvis — a biopic about the rise and fall of Elvis Presley, aka The King — in theaters one too many times this year. I was even ready to cancel it. Then, word of mouth mixed with morbid curiosity (David Erlich at IndieWire (opens in a new tab) described Tom Hanks’ portrayal of Presley’s manager Col. Tom Parker as “Kentucky Fried Goldmember”), sold my seat. And I’m very glad I did. Austin Butler’s performance as Presley is absolutely electric. And I didn’t really have any interest in Elvis either. But by the end of Luhrman’s epic film, I was completely sold on both Butler and Presley. And now it finally comes to the best streaming serviceHBO Max.

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Jurassic World Dominion (Peacock)

While previous Jurassic World films (itself a sequel to the original Jurassic Park trilogy) received mixed reviews, Dominion sought to offer something different. If nothing else, Dominion has brought the whole gang back together, as the already-returned Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) gets back into the swing of dino-things with Drs. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Ellie Satler (Laura Dern). Why bring back the old school? Well, Malcolm and the new trilogy duo of Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) have a bigger problem on their hands: dinosaurs are free on Earth. And that causes (you guessed it) all kinds of chaos.

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Honk for Jesus, save your soul (peacock)

For anyone who loves HBO’s righteous gems, but wanted it to have Christopher Guest documentary vibes and be unapologetically black? You don’t have to go to the theater to see the satirical comedy Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul. All about a comeback, the film finds Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs (Sterling K. Brown) and his wife Trinitie (Regina Hall) seeking to rebuild. Trinitie is the best public face in their church, because her husband is a little too loose,

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The Troubadours Festival

For all the wounds that time cannot heal, music is the best thing. After visiting his wife’s grave, Heves (Settar Tanriögen) reunites with his son Yusuf (Kivanç Tatlitug) after 25 years apart. Although the two do not get along at first, once Yusuf learns that his father’s health is not good, he agrees to accompany him on a trip to a music festival. This Turkish film appears to be an emotionally powerful tale of learning to forgive.

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wire room

Bruce Willis’ slow acting retirement unfolded over the past year, as a string of smaller films were released. The latest, Wire Room, sees him team up with Kevin Dillon (Entourage) in a crime movie where Shane Mueller (Willis) is a cop in the field and Dillon is his eyes in the base chair in the Wire Room watching the suspects. This time, they must keep a criminal named Eddie Flynn (Oliver Trevena) alive. And they don’t get along while they try.

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