6 Most Hilarious Scenes From Rock Movies, By Moon Fever


Hollywood rockers Moon Fever are restoring the classic rock ‘n’ roll swagger that has dominated this Sunset Strip for decades past, maintaining momentum with the Public phone blues EP which follows a handful of singles that featured the group last year.

Since the band has such an obvious affectation to the more classic period of rock, we wanted to get their take on some of rock’s most memorable moments, not musically, but through legendary films that portray this style of rock. beloved music in all its infamy. and hilarity.

Movies such as It’s the spinal cock and Wayne’s world perfectly characterize the balance between the fandom of serious music and the absurdity of rock ‘n’ roll in its many facets.

Play Moon Fever EP title song below (order here) and check out their picks for the 6 most hilarious scenes from rock movies further down the page.

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Moon Fever, “Payphone Blues” music video

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  • Wayne’s world, “Bohemian Rhapsody” car scene

    Although there are a lot of hilarious scenes in Wayne’s world, this scene has always marked me as funny and iconic. Everyone knows what happens when this song is on the radio – you can’t help but sing!

    This scene is a great representation of what this song sounds like. Everybody’s singing out of tune, one guy mistakenly thinks he sounds like Freddie, and the climax of the song, when Brian May’s monstrous riff comes up with the band, everyone starts headbanging and playing music. air guitar.

    It’s rock’n’roll!

    —Cody Jasper

  • It’s the spinal cock, Scene “Stonehenge”

    Any list of hilarious scenes should include this one from Spine tap.

    We’ve all been guilty of taking things too far and have been accused of forgetting what it was all about thinking stage props, more amps, and tighter pants. [laughs] will make us “rockstars”.

    The list is lengthened increasingly…

    Sometimes we think these things are as important as the music, and it is like biting our ass.

    This scene always cracks me up, probably because it’s so real. It reminds me every time I see it – ditch the gadgets and just play your ass!

    —Cody Jasper

  • Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, Masterpiece jam

    This scene literally makes me laugh out loud. The pentagram, the urgency … it all rings so true.

    Don’t get me wrong, the depth and soul vibe of music and the powerful feeling of rock ‘n’ roll are two mystical and mysterious things that I don’t quite understand.

    But, summoning the devil to help you write this huge song is something I know I’ve tried … I’ve been there trying to tap my inner rock angel / demon (your choice) to guide me through dimensions that is rock and deliver the one rock song that will save all music for eternity and wake up the masses…

    But it hasn’t happened yet …

    —Cody Jasper

  • The blue brothers, Owe bar money for drinks

    I remember very well when I was just starting to make music, it happened to me several times.

    Now that I have TKO as an agency, I don’t really have this problem anymore, thank goodness!

    When I was just starting out, we rehearsed for hours, driving halfway across the country for maybe $ 150 and a half hour. We ended up drinking in the hall bar paying no attention to the bar bill and coming away even broke than we got in, but we made some fans. It was worth it!

    —Mitch Micoley

  • It’s the spinal cock, “This one goes to 11”

    I think this one really represents not only me but all guitarists explaining their favorite guitar.

    Mine is also a Gibson Les Paul. Not a ’59 like in the movie – but an ’82 with incredible sustain, like in Spine tap.

    My house has a similar vibe, musical instruments and gear everywhere. Plus, the quote from “When you need that little extra push over the cliff, our amps go to 11” is the best example of being a learned musician.

    That being said, my Komet amp and my 1968 Marshall cabinet go to 11!

    —Mitch Micoley

  • Almost known, “Do you want to buy a door?”

    I love this one! It’s a classic fight between the tour director and the show’s producer.

    It hasn’t happened to Moon Fever yet, but I’m sure if we were almost electrocuted on stage, our management would do the same for us.

    You are ultimately a small family or tribe out there and through all the hardships and struggles and dramas there is a lot!

    There have been a lot of times where everyone is beaten up and full of emotions, but we still get on stage and kill together as a band every night no matter what personal issues arise.

    As for the door scene – for your information, the doors are not as strong as they look.

    —Mitch Micoley

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