5 K-pop songs in 2022 that bring the rock genre to life: WOODZ, TXT, more!


In 2022, K-pop meets the rock genre! This year, more and more idols showed musical attempts using rock songs as titles. These five artists have surely “shook up” the music scene with THESE releases!

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As the Hallyu wave grows, K-pop idols are also expanding their spectrum by attracting not only musical transformations but also popular reactions. As such, the rock genre is once again gaining attention in the 2020s.

In this trend, new music using rock elements continues to emerge in K-pop. According to Kim Doheon, a pop music critic, during the pandemic, people are frustrated and depressed doing SNS, and rock is the genre that can express themselves, their feelings and show bold fashion.

Here are 5 K-pop artists, songs that perfectly digest the rock genre:

1. (G)I-DLE – ‘TOMBOY’

Among K-pop groups, (G)I-DLE has shown successful activities with prominent rock elements. After a long hiatus of over a year, their title track “TOMBOY“, released in March, is a simple song with a rough rock guitar sound, addictive hooks and a confident attitude, and contains the story of (G)I-DLE breaking free from toxicity and stereotypes.

After its release, he made notable achievements after the song topped the charts on various music sites.

2. TXT – “Good Boy Gone Bad”

TXT is a group that has been consistently presenting rock sounds since last year. This year, the quintet flaunted hardcore hip-hop songs with a rock sound, filled with emotions of anger and loss after the first breakup through their song, “good boy gone bad.”

The intense transformation managed to capture the fanbase and the group was able to sell 1.24 million copies within the album‘s first week of release.


Cho Seungyoun, also known as WOODZ, is a soloist who introduces different genres in every album he releases.

On their comeback this year, WOODZ challenged the rock genre this time. On May 4, he kicked off with his new album “COLORFUL TRAUMA“consisting of five songs “Dirt On My Leather”, “HIJACK”, “I Hate You”, “Better and Better” and “Hope to be like you”.

The album featured various types of rock sounds such as hard rock, alternative rock, and pop-rock.

4. MAMAMOO Moonbyul

In April, Moonbyul also introduced a song with a punk guitar sound through her single “CITT” (Cheese in the Trap).

The song depicts the story of taking a risk as “cheese in the trap”, despite being dangerous in the name of love. The loud yet satisfying pop-rock sound of the song, paired with Moonbyul’s vocals, provides an energetic and bright vibe, bringing a new feeling to listening to rock songs.

5. EXO Suho – “Grey Suit”

Suho, who returned as a soloist in about two years, also incorporated the rock sound into his latest album “Gray suit” as well.

Its title track of the same name is a progressive rock-inspired song about how meeting someone can bring color and meaning to the once gray protagonist’s world.

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