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Rock music combined with gaming is a great mix that has changed the gaming industry over the years. The days of plain, tired, sad music while you play your favorite game are over. Nowadays, game providers have combined excellent soundtracks to create a thrilling atmosphere while playing the most popular games.

There’s nothing more exciting than hearing the best rock anthems playing in the background while doing your best to get the highest score possible in your favorite game. Arousal levels reach a heightened state while listening to music that fills your soul.
So many great games now decide to enhance their games with top class music playing in the background. While you’re doing your best to defeat a dragon, hearing the music in Skyrim only adds to the tension and spirit of the game. So what makes a good rock soundtrack game? ?

Best game releases for rock music fans

There is a huge selection of online casino games that use rock music in their soundtracks. This musical genre adds a fantastic edge to the experience and makes it special. So, the list below contains three best games with rock music as the soundtrack.


This game draws a lot of inspiration from punk and heavy metal classics. This is an unnamed space marine. The mission is to save the planet Earth from the demons of the space world.

There’s a lot of action and the soundtrack is outstanding. When you play this legendary franchise, you’ll be treated to Metallica and Slayer, to name just a few of the bands connected to it.

Guitar Hero

We can’t compile a list of games without adding that classic gaming experience. When you start playing Guitar Hero, your ears will be bombarded with the sounds of DragonForce, Aerosmith and Metallica. You can spend unforgettable moments while enjoying not only the gaming experience but also the soundtrack.

Call of Duty

It’s the biggest gaming franchise of all time. It holds multiple sales records of over 400 million games. It’s also the best-selling debut shooter of all time. By playing a game as engrossing as Call of Duty, you get the bonus of listening to the likes of Avenged Sevenfold.
They created a song specifically for the game. It was a big deal for them because they knew millions of people would hear their music.

These are three top games that have a massive influence on millions of gamers around the world. When you take the time to play these titles, you will be inspired not only by the quality of the gameplay but also by the incredible soundtracks.

Music makes you feel in a different mood; playing high level games with fantastic music playing in the background only adds to the beauty. You are sure to be impressed with rock music soundtracks as you play. This will get you even more excited for the game and your heart rate will beat a little faster.

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