15 Rock Bands With Graphic Novels


Comics are everywhere, and I’m not talking about Dilbert. It seems like every 6th new movie release is based on a Marvel or DC IP.

While the superhero movie craze is relatively new (20 years, give or take), comic books themselves have been around forever. And now your favorite rock bands are coming into the fold.

Many bands are now partnering with talented writers and artists to create fully illustrated graphic novels based on the bands’ origin stories or album concepts. For those unfamiliar with the comic world, a “graphic novel” is longer than your standard comic book and is often meant to stand alone without any additional volume.

KISS pioneered the rock/comedy mashup, which is no surprise. KISS could be considered the “George Lucases of Rock”, as they were one of the first bands to fully embrace marketing and merchandising. In 1977, Marvel released the KISS Marvel Super Special #1, which featured an unforgettable marketing gimmick: the red ink used in the print was mixed with real blood taken from the band members. I’m not sure such a stunt could fly today, but even if you’re not a KISS fan, you have to admit that it’s pretty damn epic. (Original copies of this comic are selling on eBay for $200 or more.)

KISS were the first rock band to enter the world of comics

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These days, it seems like rock bands are releasing graphic novels at a dizzying pace. This could be a great way to get your comic-obsessed kid into some of your favorite bands.

Here are 15 rock bands with graphic novels released or have them in the works:

15 Rock Bands With Graphic Novels

Here are 15 rock bands who have released graphic novels.

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