12 Haunted House Movies and TV Shows That Will Scare You



Ever since Jay Anson published his bestselling book, “The Amityville Horror” in 1977, there has been a glut of movies and TV shows based on the Lutz family and the horrific events at 112 Ocean Avenue. Although they vary in quality, it was the first film of 1979 that set the bar for those to follow.

One of the main selling points of Stuart Rosenberg’s version of “The Amityville Horror” was that it was supposedly based on real events – an idea that terrified audiences in 1979. Nowadays, watching a movie involving the Demonic possession is routine, but 30 years ago – with the exception of “The Exorcist” – it wasn’t, especially if you were to compound the fear of moviegoers with the warning that it was all factual.

Of course the only hard and fast truth about “The Amityville Horror” was that before the Lutz family moved in, Ronald Joseph DeFeo Jr. was responsible for murdering both of his parents, two brothers and two sisters at home in 1974 (via The New York Times). The Lutz family was aware of this before moving in, but thought they could handle it, however, ABC News reports that the family left 28 days later. Any haunting that took place at the address is widely disputed, however, George Lutz insists it’s true – and even believed the house could have induced DeFeo to kill. This idea remains the scariest aspect of “The Amityville Horror,” and watching it unfold is an undeniably tense and heartbreaking experience.

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