12 Funny Movies Like Friday Everyone Must See


While Ice Cube and Chris Tucker rightly receive much of the credit for the success of “Friday”, DJ Pooh played Red and co-wrote the screenplay with Ice Cube, which makes him just as essential to the project. . According ComplexTucker’s character, Smokey, was originally written for DJ Pooh and based on many of his own personal experiences.

Fast forward twenty years, and DJ Pooh’s filmography remains limited compared to his co-stars. He’s only written and directed a handful of feature films, with 2017’s “Grow House” being the standout hit.

With plenty of cannabis-infused humor associated with “Friday,” the story of “Grow House” includes other related themes, including financial issues. However, unlike the smokers of “Friday”, the main characters of “Grow House”, played by DeRay Davis and Lil Duval, decide to pay off a debt by starting their own medical marijuana crop. Of course, the whole process wouldn’t be complete without the involvement of some unique characters, such as legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. While “Grow House” doesn’t break the genre mold, it’s a welcome addition to the pothead collection.

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