12 Best Movies To Watch After Elvis


Elvis has acted in 31 different films. While the general consensus is that each was worse than the last, that’s not entirely true. His early films show off his natural charisma, not to mention their outstanding musical performances. Elvis’ fourth film (and his last film before joining the army), “King Creole”, is arguably his best; Elvis himself would have considered it his finest performance..

Directed by Michael Curtiz of “Casablanca” fame, “creole kingsees Elvis play Danny Fisher, a high school dropout who tries to walk the right path but finds himself seduced by the glitz and glamor of New Orleans’ criminal underbelly, while trying to become a nightclub singer The stellar supporting cast includes Carolyn Jones, Walter Matthau, Vic Morrow and Dolores Hart, but Elvis is more than capable of carrying the film on his own, he’s perfectly cast as a teenage delinquent trying to find his way in a world which no I do not understand.

In addition to acting, “King Creole” features some of Elvis’ greatest musical recordings. The music is almost entirely diegetic, so the tunes all come naturally since the film is largely set at the King Creole nightclub. Songs like “Dixieland Rock”, “New Orleans” and “Hard Headed Woman” make good use of a horn section that sounds straight out of a Louisiana bayou. All in all, “King Creole” marks the finest moment of Elvis’ film career.

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