100% BAYLI: Meet Brooklyn’s genre-defying rising star


After being the singer of The Skins, a group that mixes rock and soul, BAYLI has carved out her own distinctive sound with her solo releases. The Brooklyn native draws on a wide range of musical inspirations, from classic rock legends to From the 60s to jazz heroes like Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. BAYLI is also not afraid to make listeners uncomfortable; I like to bite the bear”, says the young man of 24 years.

His trail TV BAGreleased early last month, is inspired by Telfar’s motto, not for you — for everyone,” extending its target audience beyond the girls and gays”. But you’re so straight / And I’m so gay, she sings on the feel-good pop song. Next time you want to post a fit photo with your telfeezy, consider Burner in my TV bag, it’s a beep” as a caption. You are your own it-girl, after all.

The new version of BAYLI think about drugs takes on a more poignant tone. The lyrics are like an open letter about addiction, love and the blurry lines where the two meet. My parents did their best,” she says, but I’ve definitely seen them struggle with addiction and different things.

So as you become more familiar with BAYLI’s music (you can also look forward to hearing it on Mura Masathe upcoming album demon time), get to know her a little better with her 100% interview below.

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