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Children’s films, on the whole, aren’t afraid of getting weird. Whether it is their premises, their characters, their plots or their humor, films intended for an audience of children or families can often adopt concepts that are a little more “external”. As one of the first animated film studios, DreamWorks certainly isn’t afraid of the weird.

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In particular, the dialogue in DreamWorks movies can get very strange. Trying to please children while keeping adults entertained, they often mix the absurd and wit in the same movies. The result is a portfolio of very strange quotes, whether in or out of context.

ten “Thanks for the Um, Breast-Hat.” – Hiccups, how to train your dragon

Hiiccup holding his new helmet in How To Train Your Dragon

Much of the first How to train your dragon The film is about Harold struggling to fit into Viking culture, being a peaceful and curious person. A major common thread running through this is Hiccup’s awkward relationship with his father Stoick, who does not understand Hiccup but loves him nonetheless.

A token of his affection is to give Hiccup a helmet with family ties, namely that it is made from half of Hiccup’s mother’s breastplate. Given its distinctive shape as well as where it is from, Hiccup feels slightly uncomfortable but wears it anyway, saying the unusual line above to his father.

9 “I am helping him pursue the human race.” – Vanessa, Bee Movie

Vanessa Tells Ken She's Helping Barry Pursue Humanity Bee Movie

Bee movie is already an unusual play as a movie about the friendship between a bee named Barry and a human named Vanessa. More than a few people have noticed romantic undertones in the film, especially when Vanessa breaks up with her husband. As such, many of his quotes are weird.

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The most fundamentally unusual quote that serves well as a summary of the film is when Vanessa tells her husband the above as to why she is spending so much time with Barry. Even the husband finds it an incredibly strange notion.

8 “Is this a steal? Because the lady across the way has much better stuff than I do.” – Hal, Megamind

Hal Stewart Meets Megamind Movie

Megamind is one of the more normal outings for a DreamWorks movie, a story about an ineffective and ultimately well-meaning supervillain and his life after apparently killing his superhero archnemesis. His main antagonist is Hal, a misogynist who grossly abuses his superpowers after Megamind grants them to him.

Before Hal’s true nature is revealed, however, there is a scene much earlier where Hal begs Megamind to steal someone else. Seemingly a one-off joke and a weird thing to say for an important character in a movie, it turns out to be a foreshadowing of his personality.

seven “Free the baby.” – Grug, The Croods

Sandy Crood Hanging On Her Mother The Croods Movie

One of the first scenes from the caveman comedy The Croods focuses on the titular family as they steal an egg for breakfast. Being a DreamWorks comedy, things quickly turn sour as a number of creatures – including the Egg Mother – begin to fight over food.

As the bird runs away with the egg, the father, Grug Crood, gives the above order. Already odd, things don’t get more normal with any haste as baby, Sandy Crood, knocks down the bird and fights for control of the egg.

6 “Yeah, but the shadows. They are not inherently fast. “- Turbo, Turbo

White Shadow discusses the speed of shadows with the movie Turbo

Of all the DreamWorks movies, Turbo is one of the most unusual, telling the story of a snail whose DNA binds to nitrous oxide following an accident with an engine and develops super speed. Obviously, much of the dialogue is going to be odd.

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However, the strangest line doesn’t even relate to the snail with nitrous bound to it at the molecular level. Turbo talks to another racing snail by the name of “The White Shadow”. The result is a very strange discussion about the choice of the name and a disagreement over whether or not the shadows are fast. In any movie, it’s just weird.

5 “Excuse me, you’re biting my butt.” – Marty, Madagascar

Alex bites Marty's butt in Madagascar movie

The human rear is a frequent source of comedy for all ages, for all sorts of reasons. Nonetheless, many family entertainments are more timid with references and jokes about it to avoid the risk of offending anyone who finds them inappropriate for children.

A major plot in Madagascar revolves around Alex the Lion struggling with hunger, unaccustomed to having to feed and surrounded by prey trying to befriend him. When particularly defeated, he hallucinates everyone around him like steaks and bites one. He places his friend Marty in a special place, and the result is a quote that would be odd in any movie.

4 “Who’s ready to get a tattoo anywhere except our faces in case we still need office jobs?” »- Branch, Trolls: Around the world

Branch transformed into Rock Zombie in the movie Trolls: World Tour

Despite being a well-received success for DreamWorks, the Trolls The series is more than slightly odd, telling of Trolls divided into tribes by musical preference. Still, for the most part, his humor is relatively reasonable and straightforward, even where his plot isn’t.

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Late in Trolls: Around the World, most of the cast are transformed into ‘Rock Zombies’ by Queen Barb of the ‘Hard Rock’ trolls. Branch, one of the heroes, says this above. It’s odd for a number of reasons, including being another shot at rock fans, way over the heads of a young audience, and indicating that Musical and Fun Trolls have offices and jobs. white collar workers.

3 “Yes, I am the Baby Jesus.” – Theodore, the baby boss

The Boss Baby sarcastically declares himself to be Jesus

Another DreamWorks movie stranger than most, The boss baby follows two brothers, one of whom is secretly an agent for Baby Corp, a company run entirely by incredibly advanced babies. The sheer quirk of the film dominates much of the discussion around it.

At one point, when the baby – Theodore – explains the situation to his brother, he explains that he was sent on a mission “from above”, which makes Tim misunderstand and asks if he is Jesus- Christ. Theodore unmoved the above answer. It’s only a little odd in context, but it’s an unexpected blasphemous turn for the company when taken out of context.

2 “But it can be easily reheated in the microwave badly!” “- Megamind, Megamind

Megamind and Metro Man argue through screen in Megamind movie

Part of the humor of Megamind is that none of the supers in the movie are very good at their jobs. At the start of the film, Megamind leads his nemesis Metro Man into a trap using the captive Roxanne Ritchi. Rather than trying to escape or save Roxanne, Metro Man instead spends time trying to talk about his nemesis.

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As they argue, they begin by discussing the trapping of justice, moving further and further away from each metaphor they use. Somehow, the conversation is shifting to Megamind’s microwave of evil and whether or not he can heat up the revenge. Impressively, there’s a whole train of conversation that logically leads to this very, very odd line.

1 “For you, baby, I could be.” – Puss in Boots, Shrek 2

Puss in Boots flirts with Fiona in Shrek 2

A major twist in Shrek 2 sees Shrek, Fiona and Donkey transform into new forms as a result of a magic potion. Fiona regains her human form and sets about trying to find Shrek, who is also looking for her. Instead, she meets the transformed donkey and the new ally Puss-in-Boots. Unsure, she asks if Puss is Shrek, which leads to the quote above.

the Shrek films have never been afraid of daring dialogue or jokes. But this scene is unmistakably a cat – even a talking bipedal – flirting with a human female. Most movies wouldn’t come close to this topic – although given that the donkey marries a dragon, it’s not trivialized territory for the franchise.

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