10 “Vs.” Movies Redditors want to see the most


Godzilla vs. Kong was the ultimate monster showdown movie that audiences have been craving for years, and Legendary just announced Godzilla vs. Kong 2, which will arrive in 2024. While more kaiju destroying entire cities is always something to look forward to, there are so many “vs.” movies that fans want to see.

Between Kevin McCallister taunting deadly aliens, Neo battling the T800, and 007 being chased by Batman, Redditors’ imaginations didn’t hold back. Some might actually be possible, given that rumors are circulating about reboots and the franchises are owned by the same studio. But some are absolute pipe dreams, and while they sound like fun, they’ll never happen in a million years.


Marvel Vs. CC

The MCU Avengers vs. the DCEU Justice League

WindingRoad10 is hugely ambitious and wants to see the two biggest superhero cinematic universes collide. The Redditor notes, “It would be huge (and multiple movies), but it would definitely come down to getting the story right.” It would be nearly impossible to develop given that studios would almost certainly see how the story would play out, how it would play out in their own franchises, and which characters would win and lose fights.

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Fans saw what a logistical nightmare it was (and continues to be) with Sony and Marvel Studios sharing Spider-Man and his villains. So it’s almost impossible to imagine how difficult it would be to plan a movie with two teams of giant superheroes from different studios. However, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be amazing. And if that ever happened, it would undoubtedly become the highest-grossing movie of all time.

The thing against. Xenomorphs

Split image showing MacReady in The Thing and Ripley in Alien

A deleted user wants to see two of cinema’s most iconic aliens go head-to-head and simply states, “The Thing vs. Aliens would be crazy.” However, the big appeal of the original two films was that a group of humans were being hunted by an unknown entity, and that’s what made it so terrifying. The parasite in The thing might not be as impactful if it’s just fighting a xenomorph.

The reason why the concept of Alien vs Predator worked because the Yautjas were born to hunt, whereas The thingThe organism simply wants to survive, and not much would happen once it embody a xenomorph. But seeing two of the most creative practical monster designs on screen together would be a visual spectacle, to say the least.

Kevin McCallister vs. Predator

Split image of Kevin in Home Alone and the Predator

At first glance, the “vs.” movie which Negan2018 the locations sound like a joke, and while that might be a joke, it would actually make for a brilliant and heartbreaking crossover comedy. The Redditor quips, “I want to see Kevin McCallister vs Predator but Kevin has 24 hours prep.” Nothing would be more hilarious than watching the hunter make their way through a house full of traps made from toys.

While the idea of ​​Predator walking on LEGOs might ruin fans’ perception of the terrifying, dreadlocked alien, it would make for a truly original horror-comedy. After all, an unpopular (but not entirely wrong) opinion about Alone at home is that Kevin is a villain who enjoys hurting people. At the very least, this would make for a hilarious five-minute sketch, and it would be way better than the new one. Home Sweet Home alone.

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash Comic

Freddy and Jason once faced off in 2003 Freddy versus Jason, which was hugely disappointing considering they’re two of the greatest horror icons of all time. But callmemacready think the battle would be better if another dimension was added including the evil Deadit’s Ash.

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Ironically, though not as iconic, every Ash-featured evil Dead the version is adored by fans of the series. And character stunt doubles and charisma are exactly what Freddy and Jason lack, so it could work surprisingly well. Not only that, but along with the clawed dream chaser and masked hockey serial killer, Ash also has a novelty, as he has a chainsaw for one hand.

Neo Vs. The Terminator

There is a popular theory among fans that the Matrix and terminator franchises take place within the same franchise, and MaybeMineola takes this theory even further. The Redditor wants to see a movie that officially ties the two films together, explaining, “I like to imagine ‘The Second Rebirth’ from The facilitator be the chronological link between the terminator and Matrix franchisees.”

The user nominates the Best Animated Film Short, and while many think “The Second Renaissance” should be made into a live-action film, a Matrix and terminator the crossover sounds even better. That means Neo and the T-800 will inevitably go head-to-head, and the two are so well-matched and excel in different ways that it would be impossible to tell who would win.

X-Men Vs. Avengers

First Avengers vs. X-Men fight revealed.

hellion wants to see what’s been portrayed in the comics for decades and what fans have been craving to see in a movie for years. The Redditor is extremely optimistic that a fight between the superhero teams will eventually happen on the big screen, simply stating, “It’s going to happen.”

x-men is a property that is shrouded in mystery more than any other. Fans need to hear something, because no one knows if the MCU will bring back the same actors from the 20th Century Fox series or if it will be completely recast. However, X-Men vs Avengers is unlikely, especially since fans don’t even know if the Avengers team is currently active.

Consumables Vs. Predators

Predator Consumable Asset Dillon

It seems Redditors want Predators in every movie franchise because, with Alone at homea Editor wants to see the series crossover with Consumables. Against the.” The movie actually makes a lot of sense, as they both share the same jungle aesthetic and are full of guns, brawn, and testosterone.

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This crossover could work incredibly well, and it could even serve as a direct sequel to the highly original Predator in 1987. The film could see the commando group, made up of iconic action heroes including Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Jet Li and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger, trying to outsmart the hunter. And it’s one of the crossovers that could breathe new life into two outdated franchises.

Gremlins vs. The Goonies

The Goonies Gremlins

cosmiccraze wants to see the Goonies the children fight an army of Gremlins. Goonies is a movie that surprisingly hasn’t been remade yet, and people were expecting a Gremlins redo for years too. Given that both are beloved ’80s adventure movies and remakes are due at some point, Amblin Entertainment could kill two birds with one stone by making a crossover movie.

But one Gremlins vs. Goonies wouldn’t be great just because of convenience, but a group of kids trying to fight tiny but very violent creatures could be the absolute epitome of the 1980s. It would be full of comedy, adventure and thrills, and given that 80s nostalgic trips like stranger things are so successful right now, there’s no better time for it than now.

Zoolander Vs. The Matrix

Shared image of Derek in Zoolander and Neo in The Matrix

Shafts_for_wheels wants to see the models of Zoolander step into the Matrix, and they use an iconic quote from the movie that ties it all together, “They’re in the computer?” But it would be more interesting to see Derek Zoolander and Hansel join Nebuchadnezzar’s team, because no one would do better in sunglasses and leather jackets than them.

The crossover would create an endless barrage of ’90s fashion jokes, and Mugatu could join the machines, or maybe he’s even an agent. Although the Redditor was joking more than anything, Zoolander vs Matrix could actually make a great parody movie like the Jump Street/Men in Black movie that never happened.

James Bond vs. Batman

Split image of Batman in The Batman and James Bond in No Time To Die 2

Few audiences actually know that Batman is also billed as the world’s greatest detective, as he never really does any detective work in the movies. However, the recently published The Batman saw the Caped Crusader solve clues at crime scenes, and Snare drum123 thinks it might just happen in a movie where he takes on James Bond.

The Redditor wants to see “The World’s Greatest Detective vs. The World’s Greatest Spy.” It could potentially be a huge global event that takes Bond to Gotham and Batman to the most exotic places in the world. And it would make the ultimate cat-and-mouse hunting thriller.

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