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The hunger Games the saga will return to the cinema with The Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents, a prequel that serves as the origin story for the franchise’s main villain, Coriolanus Snow. The film looks promising, bringing together top talent including Viola Davis and Peter Dinklage, and providing the perfect excuse to revisit the original saga, which is holding up pretty well.

Yet for all their strengths, the original films are flawed. They are surprisingly nuanced and insightful and feature some truly arresting turns from every member of its distinguished cast; however, they’re also flawed, including many parts that are undeniably cringe-worthy in hindsight.


What did he make you look like?

Woody Harrelson’s Haymitch Abernathy is one of the main reasons for The hunger Games escape success. Irreverent yet charming, Haymitch was arguably the film’s most relatable character, a man who both knew all about the Games but struggled to understand them.

RELATED: Woody Harrelson’s Best Movies, According To RankerHowever, Haymitch has his fair share of throwback moments. Some are intentional due to his heavy drinking, but a few are accidental. In the first film, he tells Katniss that Peeta’s comments about her made her “desirable”, much to her and the audience’s chagrin. After all, Katniss is sixteen; no one wants to consider it “desirable”.

Caesar Flickerman

Academy Award-winning Stanley Tucci is one of the finest character actors of his generation. He plays a brief but memorable role throughout the hunger games frankness, the flamboyant and entertaining Caesar. Unlike other similar characters, primarily Effie, Caesar is not likable, so his antics seem obnoxious.

To be fair, Caesar is supposed to be cringe. He’s a Capitol accomplice who doesn’t care that kids are sent to die in the arena. Still, Caesar gets slightly insufferable the more he talks, so it’s perfect that he only has a few scenes per movie.

Peeta, the rock

One of Peeta Mellark’s greatest strengths is her ability to paint and decorate. He is a very artistic boy and his talents come in handy in the arena, especially when he wants to hide from others.

However, the scene where Katniss discovers him disguised as a literal rock is unintentionally hilarious. The idea of ​​Peeta lying on the ground while people walk over it shouldn’t be as funny as it is. Peeta’s makeup is awe-inspiring, but his willingness to hide while rocking out is preposterous, especially when he could have chosen a slew of other, less obtrusive disguises.

Peeta’s stupidity

Overall, Peeta is a very passive character, to the point of being a literal dead weight for Katniss to carry around. He has few survival skills, which means Katniss spends most of her time coddling him so he doesn’t accidentally get killed.

Peeta comes across as remarkably dumb throughout Catch fire, forcing Katniss to worry about her and him too. Peeta playing the traditional damsel in distress role is an interesting subversion of the trope, but it ends up making him a frustrating and grumpy character.

All of Gale’s personality

Gale Hawthorne might be one of the worst characters in any teenage dystopia. Brooding and self-important, Gale is constantly around, but is he necessary? Liam Hemsworth had strong chemistry with Jennifer Lawrence, but Gale never had a real connection with Katniss. Movies always tell their audiences that Gale and Katniss share an intimate bond, but they almost never show it.

RELATED: The Best Quote From Every Main Character In The Hunger GamesIt doesn’t help that Gale is kind of a creep. He is unnecessarily brutal and has many of the dangerous qualities exhibited by Capitol supporters. It makes perfect sense that Katniss chose to walk away from him; the real question is, why did she like him in the first place?

Those wigs with that makeup?

Despite all its flaws, The hunger Games The series is one of the best cinematic quadrilogies of all time. It featured an excellent cast, an intriguing premise, high stakes, social commentary, and great production values. However, the series had some terrible stylistic choices, especially in the hair and makeup departments.

Jennifer Lawrence’s wig in the last two films was terrible. For starters, it’s very noticeable and, at times, distracting. It’s not as bad as Kristen Stewart in Eclipse, but he is still lifeless. Tigris’ makeup is also cheap, in stark contrast to her otherworldly depiction in the books.

The Capitol takeover

The climax of the series occurs at the Capitol. As the Rebels battle the Peacekeepers, Katniss and Gale attempt to infiltrate Snow’s mansion. However, there’s no compelling reason for them to be there other than the movie needing a “final battle” to maintain its existence.

RELATED: 10 Reasons Katniss Should Have Stayed Single In The Hunger GamesEven so, the showdown at the Capitol is rushed and uninspiring. At this point, the stakes are no longer exciting as Snow is all but defeated – he even says so himself during his one-on-one with Katniss after the attack. The two Msjay the movies struggled to maintain momentum, and the Capitol sequence proves how long the conflict stretched for dramatic purposes.

Coin’s final speech

Julianne Moore is one of the best actresses of her generation. An Oscar winner with a remarkable range and an enviable willingness to experiment with genres, Moore delivered some of the most daring and memorable performances in modern history.

Alas, his talents are wasted in The hunger Games franchise. Alma Coin is an annoying character, and despite Moore’s best efforts, she never presents herself as a significant threat, especially compared to Donald Sutherland’s President Snow. Coin’s final monologue before his surprising death sums up his entire character perfectly; it’s tedious, sometimes laughable, and always cringe.

The epilogue

Katniss Everdeen was one of the most badass women in action. Her circumstances were tragic and she didn’t want to be a role model or a hero, but she still displayed remarkable skill, drive and ingenuity, making her an instant cinematic icon. However, his life was full of misery; so it makes sense that she bears heavy scars from her experiences at the Games and during the war.

Still, the series’ epilogue, which shows her married to Peeta and with two children, seems oddly out of place and out of character. Why would someone as self-aware and tortured as Katniss want to stay in District 12 and surrender to a conventional life? Katniss and Peeta were a cute couple, but her decision to stay with him and settle into family life seems undeserved.

Split the final book into two films

There was no logical reason to split the final hunger games book, Mockingjayin two films beyond the shameless greed of Lionsgate. Mockingjay doesn’t have enough content to support two movies, resulting in a first entry that feels weirdly anti-climactic and a second that feels pushed to its limit. Additionally, Katniss’ passivity, already blatant in the book, becomes more apparent in both films.

If a book deserved two films, it was Catch fire. MockingjayThe plot was already somewhat lazy and uneventful, and splitting it in two only made its many weaknesses all the more noticeable.

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