10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!



To?? The concept of the musical is almost as old as Broadway itself. The jazz singer starring Al Jolson, widely regarded as the first musical in theaters, hit the big screen in 1927, barely 60 years after the Broadway musical debuted with The black crook in 1866.

Since then, the swap of adapting Broadway films and creating films based on musicals has been a popular convention of the form and shows no signs of slowing down. In 2021, many films based on musicals have appeared, including tick, tick … BOOM!, Dear Evan Hansen, In the heights, and West Side Story.

With so many fantastic movies and musicals to choose from, we can’t wait to see which titles come up next in this great art exchange! Below, check out our picks of movies that we would most love to see on Broadway in the future!

my cousin vinny

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!a??

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!

While this courtroom comedy about two Brooklyn boys who end up in hot water when accused of murder in the Deep South doesn’t sing at first glance, dig a little deeper and you’ll find a compelling story, high stakes and hilarious movie moments ripe for the music scene, including Alakazam’s story, Vinny’s hilarious cross-examinations and of course, Mona Lisa’s epic testimony.

Bonus fact: Following the release of the film, the actor Joe pesci released an album of songs like his character, Vincent Gambini. If it’s not a character introduction song, we do not know what it is.


10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!a??

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!

Kristen wiig and Annie Mumolo’s modern comedy classic is ripe for movies with the Broadway treatment. The film tells the story of Annie, a struggling 30-something whose world is turned upside down following the announcement of her best friend’s engagement. When Annie is named Bridesmaid, she finds herself struggling with limited funds, poor sanity, an incredibly mind-boggling rival, and the “pack of frozen freaks” that Lillian has chosen as her bridesmaids. Can Annie make it to the altar without losing her best friend or her mind?

With a wacky cast of characters, a romantic subplot, and a happy ending, a Waitress-style score and the right creative team could take the story to the stage by harnessing its true core: women struggling within gender expectations.

Coming to America

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!

This 1988 comedy classic starring Eddie murphy at the height of his powers has been a fan favorite for ages. The film, directed by John Landis, tells the story of Akeem Joffer, the crown prince of the fictional African nation of Zamunda, who travels to the United States in the hope of finding genuine love.

With a hit song, the title song produced by Le Système, an iconic dance sequence, and with many classic comedy moments already under its belt, this Fish Out of Water Story has all the makings of a musical that can showcase the excellence of black performers on Broadway and give us a story. royal love for the ages.

This thing you do!

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!a??

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!

If one movie sings on this list, it’s this one. The Tom hanks-The film made tells the story of The Wonders (or Oneders, depending on who you ask), a rock band from a small town in Eerie, Pa. Who soared to stardom and found themselves in navigate to his sudden fame and all the pitfalls that come with it.

This story of the band and machine dynamics of the music industry will wow audiences with comedy, romance and a nostalgic score of top notch 60s-style rock songs including the contagious title track. the late one Adam schlesinger. Thanks to its funny characters and the excavation of the hardships that arise when your dreams come true, This thing you do!Cinderella’s musical story of One Hit Wonders is ripe for Broadway musical treatment.


10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!a??

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!

Three words: Fiber optic wig. The modern Disney classic, Tangled, is a musical account of the story of Rapunzel. With a fantastic pop rock score from the Disney legend, Alain menken, the film was an instant favorite among families and fans around the world. With a much-loved stage adaptation currently playing aboard Disney Cruise Lines, it looks like The Mouse is already seeing the potential of a movie-turned-musical at this property.

This modern day story of a young woman taking charge of her life to come out of isolation boasts of genuine laughter, a swoon-worthy love story, and one of Disney’s best villains, Mother Goethel. (paging Lesli Margherita.) It’s also one of the most-cited movies when Broadway fans are wondering which movies should get the musical treatment.

It is complicated

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!

This 2009 romantic comedy about people of a certain age became an instant classic thanks to its stacked cast including Meryl Streep, Alec baldwin, Steve martin, John krasinski, and more! The film tells the story of a romantically sleeping divorcee who finds herself leading a double life when she begins having an affair with her ex-husband. Things get complicated when she falls in love with an adorable architect still reeling from her own divorce.

First-rate comedy aside, one adaptation would feature the romantic weaknesses of those just past their fifties, territory that is not often explored in musical form. With the high stakes of secrecy and the emotional toll of divorce, this heartfelt and hilarious film has earned a spot on our Broadway Movie Wish List!

Hidden characters

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!

Those Hidden characters are no longer hidden thanks to this moving and gripping 2016 drama starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia spencer, Janelle Monáe and more! This film tells the story of black female mathematicians who worked at NASA doing high-level calculations during the space race of the 1960s.

With stakes as high as the sky (literally) and an incredible story of perseverance and unsung genius at its heart, if the right creative team corrects the white savior tendencies of its film adaptation, a musical version of this gripping true story and full of hope has the potential to wear the mantle of these brave and brilliant women, inspiring new generations of bespectacled girls all over the world to reach for the stars.

My great Greek wedding

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!a??

OPPA! Worlds collide when Toula Portakalos, a shy Greek-American girl, accepts a marriage proposal from an all-American white bread teacher, Ian Miller, in this play that has turned into an independent musical from the playwright / actor, Nia Vardalos.

While best known for his broad characters and big laughs, the film also delves deeper, telling a story that explores the nuances of cultural identity, family loyalty, and the toll of tradition, evoking one of the most all-time greats of the theater. musical comedies, violin on the roof. With a culture shock score fusing the best of American pop-rock and traditional Greek influences (and Tony-winner Andrea Martin reprising her role as stage thief Aunt Voula), this comedy classic could make a wedding wave on the Broadway stage.

crazy rich asians

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!

Historically, Asian performers have not been adequately represented on the Broadway stage, but this successful novel-turned-romantic comedy that broke barriers for Asians in Hollywood could do the same if it were treated as the film on Broadway! The film, realized by Jon M. Chu (In the heights, villain), tells the story of a fish out of water about a Chinese-American professor who travels to meet her boyfriend’s family and is surprised to find out that they are among the richest in Singapore.

With a swoon-worthy love story, salacious gossip, stupendous shadow projections, and the potential for jaw-dropping sets and costumes, a musical adaptation could give the world to 1% of the Young family a breathtaking life on the music scene!

Hocus pocus

10 Movies We Want To See As Broadway Shows!

It’s just a bunch of Hocus pocus! Thanks to Bette MidlerStaggering Performance of “I Put A Spell On You” Movie fans and Broadway fanatics have been clamoring to see this Halloween classic on stage since its debut in 1993. Trying to impress his high school crush, the little one Salem’s newcomer, Max Dennison, makes a fatal mistake. When the high school virgin lights the Black Flame candle, the vengeful witches, the Sanderson Sisters, return from the grave to keep their promise to suck the life out of every child in town.

As the story unfolds, Max, his little sister, Dani, and their friend, Alison, find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime as they attempt to defeat the witches and save the children of Salem at sunrise. With an enthralling story that has delighted all ages for nearly 30 years, and the potential for on-stage witchcraft and flying effects, this Halloween hit could find its way into one of Broadway’s many haunted theaters for one. scary season ahead!

Learn about all the upcoming musical films with The always up-to-date program of BroadwayWorld musical film adaptations!

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