10 Most Infamous People In Rock Music History



The appeal of early rock and roll always came down to the rebellious nature of rock stars. Even though the likes of Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl got by on their relentless charisma, it was a genre made for societal rebels, constantly pushing the limits of what you could do in a live setting. However, just because you have good songs doesn’t always mean tasteful behavior.

Both in and out of the spotlight, these artists are known more in infamy these days for their antics than their songs, either going on massive public tirades or not being able to keep their bands together enough. long for people to actually care. Again, you have to understand that a lot of this is actually an act.

Just like they do on stage, these people know how to play the game and are more likely to get noticed in the media more for their shock value than anything else. Sometimes it’s about poking fun at tense parts of society, but there are also people who were never truly loved even when they were on top of the world. The goal was to ruffle a few feathers most of the time, and given the world’s reaction to these artists, we gave them all exactly what they wanted.

No one who really got into the Smiths in the ’80s was going there to be happy or anything. When you listen to the lyrics behind songs like There’s a Light That Never Goes Out, you can feel little heartaches in every line, as Morrissey talks about the kind of love that can be too much for many. people. It’s just a fraction of some Smith’s songs, and sometimes you get tricked into listening to a sermon.

From the back half of their career to the beginnings of his solo work, Morrissey became one of the most deplorable men in the music industry, often known for his massive tangents about his controversial worldviews. This man has never been known to mince words and has gone so far as to call anyone who isn’t a vegetarian murderers, to the point that he won’t perform at any venue serving meat products.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, from appealing to those in power to a pretty narrow world view of what was happening at the height of the pandemic just a few years ago. With all that baggage, you can kind of understand why resistance to a Smith reunion has been going on for years now. Johnny Marr may be the rock and roll spirit of the band, but it’s hard to reason with someone who doesn’t really seem to like anyone.

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