10 Hard Rock Bands Who Insulted Their Own Fans



In the world of music, fans are undoubtedly the most important element. As much love and care as you put into your music, it won’t matter unless you have fans who support what you do. That being said, that hasn’t stopped some bands from tearing their fanbase apart.

Now, are these all cases of abuse? No… not in principle at least. Even though some of these bands have called fans out for doing horrible things, they end up sounding like the best people to keep the rest of their musical family from getting too out of hand. Whether at a concert or online, these artists have had some choice words to say about the most outlandish people who enjoy their music.

However, more often than not, these artists let the rock celebrity ego go to their heads and make outlandish suggestions so they don’t have to see or hear any of their fans ask them anything. that is. The best musicians find a way to be respectful to everyone who comes to see them, but sometimes things get a little nasty between the crowds and the entertainment.

Despite the quality of the music Tool has produced, they have always been one of the hardest bands to love. While every single release has been stellar so far, the extended wait we’ve had to get their latest album Fear Inoculum felt like torture for most longtime fans. Although many people were used to the trolling nature of the band, many were concerned when Maynard James Keenan started calling Tool’s most fanatical fans.

Speaking to Billboard magazine in 2015, Keenan expressed a genuine love for people who enjoyed his music, but was not in love with people who cling to every word he says. This initially sent fans into a frenzy, but Keenan quickly cleared up the comments by calling out people who treat them like god figures rather than real people.

Since then, Keenan has been known to openly mock Tool fans, but only for fun. It involves everything from insulting them during a show to trolling them by playing 2 songs and pretending to walk off stage. No matter how long it takes them to release albums, Tool’s relationship with their fans has been one of hard rock’s greatest mysteries.

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