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Like any good internet meme, the story and use of “dudes rock” already has a life of its own. The phrase was born in 2018 as a semi-ironic, self-conscious way of embracing the boy-to-be-boy mentality by celebrating stereotypical masculine behaviors like drinking a beer (or five) and playing for hours at a time. When the meme spread further in 2020. With it came inevitable variations, often more satirical, but at its core, the phrase remains an indicator of harmless male activity.

Of course, “dudes rock” can be easily applied to pop culture and, in particular, to movies – beloved films like Heat Where Goodfellas are obvious choices. But let’s look deeper, with a canon of ten “dudes rock” movies that detail a healthy camaraderie between the male protagonists. These movies involve rad bromances, a brotherly love affair between characters, or they are “dating movies” that rely heavily on the chemistry between the characters over complicated storylines – think movies like Steven Soderbergh, Robert Altman and Richard Linklater, to name a few. There is also some overlap between the actors who appear in these movies – some stars naturally lend themselves to being a good shot, regardless of the premise. So grab a cold one and connect with your favorite brothers to watch these movies. After all, guys rock.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in Once upon a time … in Hollywood, 2019.Everett Collection / Courtesy of Andrew Cooper for Columbia Pictures

Once upon a time . . . at Hollywood Sincerity is probably not the first theme that comes to mind when considering the works of Quentin Tarantino, but the friendship between actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt / driver / go buddy- for / handyman Cliff Booth (Rick Dalton) in Once upon a time . . . at Hollywood is essentially a love story. Rick and Cliff’s relationship, as the film so aptly describes, is “more than a brother and a little less than a wife,” and most of the film’s charm comes from just watching the duo pull the breeze. . The scene at the end of the second act with them, watching Rick’s latest episode on TV is a sublime distillation of their brotherhood in just three minutes, as the two sit down to enjoy each other’s company after a long day. The vibrations, as they say, are impeccable.

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