10 Great Indie Movies on Amazon Prime


Independent films, or those not released by a major studio and/or made on a low budget, are still being made today. While these types of movies are much harder to find than blockbuster movies like those featuring superheroes, there are plenty for movie buffs.

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Amazon Prime members have access to several top independents on the platform. Whether you’re in the mood for a drama or a comedy, a fictional film or a documentary, these are great choices for viewers looking for a good time at home with a movie.


Gang of Thieves (2015)

Screenshot of Band of Robbers

The independent film of 2015 gang of thieves was directed by the Nee Brothers, who recently came to prominence for directing The lost city (2022). The film sees Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn as adults in modern-day America as they search for lost treasure.

Starring Kyle Gallner and co-director Adam Nee as Finn and Sawyer, respectively, gang of thieves also includes Criminal minds“Matthew Gray Gubler, Spider-Man: Homecomingis Hannibal Buress, and super girlby Melissa Benoist in supporting roles. A crime comedy adventure film, this one unfairly flew under the radar when it was first released.

The Two Faces of January (2014)

Two faces of January actors Isaac, Mortensen and Dunst

Oscar Isaac has been getting a lot of attention lately for his starring role in moon knightand rightly so, but one of Isaac’s best film roles is in this 2014 adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel, whose novel The price of salt has been adapted into Carol (2015).

The two faces of January follows a married couple, played by Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst, as they meet a stranger in Athens, played by Isaac. The three then become entangled and are forced to work together thanks to a murder one of them commits. It’s a thriller that’s also a highlight in every actor’s career.

Fair Haven (2016)

Screenshot from the movie Fair Haven

The movie 2018 erased boy was a searing indictment of conversion therapy programs in the United States, which claim to be able to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. It so happens, however, that another great film on the harms of this practice was released two years earlier: Just Haven.

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The film follows James, a young man who returns to the family farm after a long stay at a conversion therapy center, having convinced the center and his parents that it works. The film vividly details the detrimental effects this has on James and sees an excellent performance from star Michael Grant.

The Singles (2017)

JK Simmons and Josh Wiggins, the singles

Another movie about love Singles follows father and son Bill and Wes Palet (played by JK Simmons and Josh Wiggins respectively) as Bill travels with his teenage son across the country following the death of his wife. Their lives are both transformed by the people they meet.

After his role in Whiplashwhich won him an Oscar, JK Simmons continued to show his dramatic chops, and his performance in this film deserves to be considered one of Simmons’ most memorable roles,

Frank (2014)

Michael Fassbender and Domhnall Gleeson in Frank

One of Michael Fassbender’s weirdest film projects dates back to 2014 Franc, which sees Fassbender playing the leader of a musical group who never takes off his papier-mâché mask throughout the film. The dark comedy is actually told from the perspective of Domhnall Gleason’s character, Jon, who joins Frank’s band.

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The titular character’s eccentricity is reflected in the film’s plot as a whole, and it might not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy weirder cinematic endeavors, especially those like Yorgos Lanthimos. Lobster (2015), it’s a gem.

Hawking (2013)

Stephen Hawking was one of the greatest scientific minds of his generation, but on top of that he was also an incredibly gifted science communicator, managing to capture the imagination of countless people by explaining the wonders of space and science. physics.

Several biopics – like The theory of everything – and documentaries have been produced about the man, and Prime users have access to one of them: 2013’s Peddling. The film follows Hawking’s biography, chronicling his experiences with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but also as one of the world’s greatest scientific minds.

Trumbo (2015)

There are several films on the Hollywood blacklist of the 1950s, but what makes Trumbo standing out is Bryan Cranston’s incredible Oscar-nominated performance as blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. The film follows Trumbo after his communist sympathies incur the ire of Hollywood figures including John Wayne and his ghostwriting of screenplays to stay involved in the industry.

After several years playing in the television show that marked the era breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston had nothing more to prove as an actor. Although Walter White will almost certainly remain his best role, he delivers a compelling performance as Trumbo that begs to be seen.

Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey (2017)

Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey

Fred Beckey was a pioneer climber in every sense of the word, making many first ascents of mountains. dust bagso named for the phenomenon of “dirtbag climbers”, those who devote their entire lives to the sport, follows Beckey’s life as a dirtbag climber.

Although this is a retrospective rather than a documentation of a single ascent, dust bag reminds a lot Free Solo (2018), and fans of that documentary are sure to love this one. Either way, though, it’s a fascinating story of the life of an extraordinary individual.

Pride (2014)

The cast of Pride smiling

Another LGBTQ+ movie, Pride is a British film which features (with some comedy in the mix) lesbian and gay activists who work together to raise funds for a miners’ strike, the same which forms the backdrop of the comedy musical Billy Elliot. It’s 1984 and conservative Margaret Thatcher (opposed to both gay rights and trade unions) is in power.

Nominated for a Golden Globe and three BAFTAs, Pride presents a star ride for Harry Potterthis is Imelda Staunton, Pirates of the Caribbeanis Bill Nighy, and 1917by George McKay, among a large and impressive cast.

Black Fish (2013)

Blackfish title screen with text and killer whale

black fish is an incredibly poignant documentary about a captive orca, Tilikum, which examines how keeping orcas in captivity negatively impacts not only them, but human beings as well, as the film was inspired by the death of Dawn Brancheau, the Tilikum trainer.

One of the best wildlife documentaries of all time, black fish is a chilling reminder of how humanity’s attempts to tame nature can have dire, even deadly consequences for ourselves and the natural world.

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