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With Marvel, star wars, the Lord of the Rings, game of thronesand many other content published around the world, Harry Potter is left as one of the living franchises in the pop culture conversation purely out of love for the wizarding world – and helping controversy – as Hogwarts Legacy remains for a few months. Despite that love, fans can’t deny much of the wacky stuff that pops up in the movies, which Reddit can attest to.

From the artistic choices of the filmmakers to the moments devoid of any tension, passing through the relationships full of awkwardness, the Potter the films have many cringe-worthy aspects that leave fans slightly uneasy.


ten The final blow of the PoA

The final blow of The Prisoner of Azkaban sees Harry fly away at incredible speed before a freeze frame occurs in which his face blurs in a sort of anti-dementor kiss, a deliberate decision that’s far better in idea than in execution .

Redditors such as adrabiota name it as a super cringe moment, while others like ChristineWhy respond that it’s a good idea, saying, “Still cheesy, but at least well thought out.” There’s no denying the thought behind the decision, but it translates onscreen to this out-of-place, weird, and slightly clunky final shot of what is, otherwise, a phenomenal film.

9 The Christmas ball orchestra

The Yule Ball was undoubtedly an awkward affair for many Hogwarts kids, but it also produced uncomfortable viewing experiences for some audience members when Weird Sisters started playing.

The scene isn’t shown in its entirety in the film’s final cut, but that doesn’t stop it from making Redditors such as Yer_A_Wizard_Hagrid to name it in response to the cutest parts of the movies. They don’t name the band but instead recite some of the song’s magic lyrics, such as “Move your body like a hairy troll. Learn to rock and roll“, which, on reading, is hardly a mastery. lyrical.

8 Voldemort’s Death

Voldemort’s death and how it differs from the book version is an often-criticized and talked-about aspect of the Potter movies, and its flaking, essentially turning into dust, is considered a cringe-worthy part of movies for many.

Not the least of all, Redditor dsly4425, who refers to the moment as “Voldy Flakes,” an accurate way of labeling the moment that takes away from the message his book death conveys. It’s also a little awkward watching him silently die and fly away like confetti in the wind with no one watching.

seven Voldemort’s hug

One off-the-cuff moment full of pure unease is when Voldemort decides to hug a despondent Draco as he walks to his parents’ house after Harry’s apparent death.

It’s a short while, but still hard to watch, as noted by Redditors such as fearful, who notes that while it’s not the goofiest moment in the saga, it’s “a weird moment and totally against Voldy’s character.” It may be against the character, but not against Fiennes’ performance as the dark lord, who is often very eccentric in his movements and the delivery of Voldemort’s best quotes.

6 GoF entries

Goblet of Fire comes at a tricky time for the characters as they grow and begin to notice their attraction to others. There are also some awkward and weird moments for the audience to endure, such as the arrival of the other schools at Hogwarts.

Editor DJSTR3M describes Beauxbatons’ entrance as them “sighing seductively” and notes that Durmstrang’s sound effects make it sound like they’re “screaming violently, but the actors on screen are kind of like opening their mouths softly”. The entrances may be harmless to many, but the student performances are a bit odd and, ironically, not so magical to sit on.

5 “He was their friend.”

The children/adolescents involved in Harry Potter are, for the most part, incredibly talented. However, there are certain moments that fans can’t help but hang around, and have been for prisoner of azkaban is one of those moments.

Editor mustardyellowberet and a few others on the site noted “HE WAS THEIR FRIEND” as an action scene and moment that’s just awkward and cringe-inducing. Daniel Radcliffe is a great performer and an iconic Harry, but it’s far from his strongest acting on the show and, especially in review, leaves audiences feeling a little sick.

4 Dumbledore learns about Harry’s love life

Dumbledore and Harry’s relationship is so often debated among Potterheads due to the Hogwarts headmaster’s questionable morals, which often rubs fans the wrong way. Still, they often produce sweet, memorable moments together. This, in the eyes of many, is not such a moment.

As noted by Redditor roteFanta, Dumbledore randomly asking if there was something going on between Harry and Hermione was quite grumpy, and, as they note, “What kind of question was that? She came out of nowhere.” As another Redditor noted in the replies to this comment, it seemed to be put there for non-book readers confused about the direction of the pair. It just came out as an inappropriate moment.

3 “…Together.”

The Deathly Hallows proved an epic and exhilarating ending to the sprawling series of films, but there are some aspects of the finale that fans don’t like, like “Voldy Flakes”, the epilogue (for some) and that moment between Harry and Voldemort .

As Redditor YuriDiAAAAAAAA remarked, “You could say Avada Ledavera twice before he finishes that sentence.” Several Redditors agree that this is a pretty cringe-worthy moment, and while there are some badass and emotional moments throughout this sequence, it stands out as a bit awkward and awkward.

2 asks Dumbledore calmly

There are so many book moments that didn’t, but should have, made their way to the movies, and some movie moments that just shouldn’t have existed. This widely remembered moment is an odd combination of the two.

As Redditor CeScraps13 says, “Even though in the book it’s said quietly,” Dumbledore ragdolls and shouts in Harry’s face, demanding an answer as to whether or not he put his name in the Goblet of Fire. It’s not only shocking but uncomfortable, especially for book fans who know it’s so inevitably different from what’s put on the page and weirdly out of place. A weird all-around decision that made great memes but also makes it difficult to watch.

1 Shoelaces

Most fans agree that movies, especially The Half-Blood Prince, are frustrating due to their huge focus on the awkward romance between Ginny and Harry rather than more compelling book stories and scenes. The couple just have the worst romance in movies.

The epitome of their commendable relationship is the shoelaces scene, as stated by Redditor as if by magic, who, in response to the question of the craziest moment, says: “THE LACES SCENE. Or any scene involving Harry and Ginny. This second part rings very true. Most of the scenes involving the couple in later films are so uncomfortable to watch, being a teenage romance between two individuals with no chemistry, and it’s so often painful to watch.

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