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disney channel The original films sparked some of the most successful franchises in history and created lasting nostalgia for fans. While beloved movies like musical high school and camp rock bring back fond memories of songs, other DCOMs might awaken darker memories of scary characters, creepy monsters, or infamous villains that still cause nightmares.

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Movies made for young audiences seem tamer than most, but the best villains are always mean, intriguing, and known for wreaking havoc on heroic protagonists. While some villains are outright criminals, others leave a lasting impression with their mysterious attire and withered looks. The most disturbing villains are those who threaten the characters’ livelihoods, and quite possibly the destruction of the world.

The Phantom – The Phantom of the Megaplex

An image of the Phantom in the Phantom and the Multiplex

On the evening of a major film premiere, a 26-screen cinema seems haunted by The Phantom of the Megaplex. A steady stream of pranks and glitches related to the films shown that night attempts to ruin the historic theater’s reputation. The Ghost’s mischievous demeanor and dark cape create a fun mystery while nodding to the famous play, the The Phantom of the Opera.

The movie theater pranks are relatively harmless, mostly ruining moviegoers’ entertainment and causing financial stress for the Megaplex as they have to provide refunds or future movie passes to disgruntled customers. Audiences can follow clues throughout the film and try to guess who The Phantom is, but this film has one final trick up its sleeve – a twist ending.

Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone – Cadet Kelly

An image of Jennifer Stone showing someone off-screen in Cadet Kelly

The main character, Cadet Kelly is a fashionista from New York, who is sent to military school. But it’s Christy Carlson Romano’s low-key performance as Jennifer Stone that will leave viewers shaking in their boots. Villains are generally known for breaking the rules, but cadet captain Jennifer Stone proves she can dish out punishment and insults like “maggot” even when her posture is correct and her behavior is otherwise within the rules.

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While her boot camp for Kelly may seem awful and her judgment on rule-breaking may be harsh, Jennifer Stone is just a teenager, slightly older than Kelly, trying to do her job well. After all their animosity, Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone and Cadet Kelly manage to find common ground and form a unique bond that could be explored if Cadet Kelly never gets the sequel it deserves.

Val Brink!

An image of Val looking serious in Brink!

One of Disney Channel’s Best Movies features Andy “Brink” Brinker as the compassionate and supportive leader of the Soul Skaters in Edge!, and his rival Val as the complete opposite. Blinded by the greed of the sponsors of the semi-pro X-Bladz inline skating team, Val will stop at nothing to win, and continue to gain notoriety in the process.

Preying on Brink’s financial insecurity, Val convinces him to join X-Bladz, even though he only has deceptive plans to bring Brink down. While some villains have tragic backstories or intriguing redemption arcs, Val is one-dimensional. He verbally attacks his peers and resorts to dangerous stunts to harm his enemies, with no remorse for his actions.

Seamus McTieran – Luck of the Irish

A shocked image of Seamus McTiernan in Luck of the Irish

In The luck of the Irish, Seamus McTieran is introduced as a famous Irish dancer, similar to Michael Flatley, lord of the dance. After the protagonist, junior basketball star Kyle Johnson, sees Seamus’ dance crew perform at a local fair, his luck turns. Through a mysterious sequence of events, Kyle and his family discover that Seamus might be to blame.

Ruthless, greedy and clever, Seamus uses trickery to trick Kyle and his family. After participating in a variety of sports for Kyle’s family luck and his grandfather’s freedom, Seamus loses his temper and devilishly transforms into an evil pixie, leaving a strange impression on the audience, but getting Finally the end he deserves.

Dimitri Denatos – Mom has a date with a vampire

An image of Dimitri Denatos smiling in Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire

Online dating has always been linked to certain risks, but when two unsuspecting teenagers go on a blind date with their divorced mother, they certainly aren’t expecting Dimitri Denatos. Mom has a date with a vampire is a fairly explicit premise. Dimitri first appears as a charming single gentleman who meets Lynette Hansen at a local grocery store.

Dimitri is portrayed like most modern vampires – very charming and good-natured. At first, he appears to be a patient and rational person. However, his vampire instincts take over and he becomes controlling in the face of rejection. The most disturbing thing about Dimitri is that he could easily be compared to some of the online dating horror stories that sadly still exist today.

Pat – Smart Home

An image of PAT and Ben talking to each other in the kitchen of Smart House

smart home Pat, which stands for Personal Applied Technology, existed long before Siri or Alexa. At first Pat seemed like the perfect solution for any minor problem, mess or problem. She was a nutritionist, chef, secretary, stylist, entertainer and housekeeper for Ben, his sister Angie and their father, Nick.

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As his family was still mourning the loss of his mother, Ben secretly programmed Pat to be more caring. Unfortunately, Ben’s plan backfires and Pat’s desire to protect Ben and Angie goes into hyperdrive. Although Pat took a villainous turn due to circumstances beyond his control, the sight of his increasingly larger and increasingly angry hologram was traumatic for young viewers.

Kalabar – Halloweentown / Kal – Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge

An image of Kalabar and Kal in Halloweentown

Kalabar and his son Kal set out to win the hearts of Cromwell’s witches and steal the powerful magic they need to take over Halloweentown., and finally, the world. Fans of spooky cinema may not realize Halloween Town shares similar storylines with the Harry Potter franchise. Kalabar craved Gwen Cromwell for years after marrying a human and deciding to raise his children in the mortal realm, just as Snape longed for Lily Potter in the same way.

Kalabar’s dark and ominous revelation at the end of Halloween Town is far scarier than his son Kal’s appearance in the franchise’s top film, Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge. However, Kal causes more damage to Halloweentown and comes closer to realizing his threats to the mortal realm than his father ever did. This father-son team-up may scare young viewers, but the brilliant costumes and sets, and the plethora of well-rounded characters, make this franchise one of the most beloved and revisited on the Disney Channel..

Maleficent – Descendants

Kristin Chenoweth is perfectly cast as the absolutely evil Maleficent in descent. Her callous personality, dark wardrobe, and signature pointed horns set her apart from a sea of ​​notorious others. disney villains, like Cruella De Vil, Jafar and Evil Queen. On an island of villains, Maleficent’s cavalier attitude towards evil is hard to top.

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Parents projecting their unfulfilled life goals onto their children is nothing new, but Maleficent takes this trope to a whole new level. She wants her daughter, Mal, to steal the Fairy Godmother’s wand so she can literally take over the world, ruling all that is good and bad. Maleficent’s narrow-minded quest for power prevents her from recognizing her daughter’s shifting priorities or accepting that there is another option outside of world domination.

The Boogeyman – Don’t Look Under the Bed

An image of the screaming Boogeyman in Don't Look Under The Bed

Strange things keep happening in the small town of Middleburg, which many adults believe are well-orchestrated pranks by a group of teenagers. The real culprit has slimy hands and long, sharp fingernails and is hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t believe this creature exists. Even though this nefarious entity seems to frame the protagonist, 14-year-old Francis Bacon McCausland, it continues to search for a logical explanation for the bizarre events.

The tilted camera angles, spooky fantasy sequences, dark shadows and horribly detailed costume of The Boogeyman in Don’t look under the bed can still trigger nightmares when reviewing. Although the subject is very relevant for small children, the cinematic vision of an infantile fear is surprising. The more emotional issues of losing faith and growing up too quickly under the pressure of dealing with a serious illness make the heart of this plot surprisingly accessible to adult audiences as well.

Parker Wyndham & Mr. Lutz – Zenon: The Girl of the 21st Century

An image of Parker and Mr. Lutz smiling at two school children in Zenon

One of Disney Channel’s most underrated films, Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century is set in the not-too-distant future of 2049 and features a 13-year-old girl named Zenon, who roams the space station as if she owned the place. But the real owner, Parker Wyndham, and his weasel assistant, Mr. Lutz arrive on the pretext of a routine check-up. However, Zenon discovers that they have a master plan that could destroy life as she knows it.

Wyndham and Lutz are relatively calm characters who blend in and don’t seem threatening to the scientists and researchers working on the space station. After Wyndham announces an additional $500 million investment in their project, the adults on board assume it only wants the best for them. But Zenon’s intuition leads him to believe that this evil duo is up to something, and it turns out they value money more than human safety. This reveal cements Wyndham and Lutz as Disney Channel’s most evil villains.

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