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Although the reboot of the classic 90s film, house partyhas been delayed beyond its original July release date, fans of the original film will eventually be able to see what Warner Bros. has in store for this adaptation.

The original plot followed Kid as he endures a night of hardship and excitement after sneaking out of his house after being punished for attending a party. While viewers wait for the postponed reboot, there are other great comedy movies like the original movie to keep them entertained.


ten Friday (1995)

In this comedy, Craig Jones (Ice Cube) has a rough day after being laid off and having no money for rent, but that’s just the beginning. When her boyfriend owes money to a local drug dealer, the duo have a wild day avoiding dangerous or awkward situations.

Friday was praised for its outstanding performances, comedic scenes, and writing. As house partythe main character seems to get into situations simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

9 Party Life (2018)

Party life brings a fresh twist to college films, fusing a story about new beginnings and complex family dynamics into a comedic whole. When Deanna’s husband leaves her, she decides to go back to college, enrolling in the same school as her daughter, to get the experiences she missed.

Although the main characters of house party are still high school students, these two films explore the concept of young life. Like Kid, Deanna tries to find her way in life and goes through some hardships to figure out her path.

8 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1985)

In Girls just wanna have fun, Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a sweet girl who still follows her father’s strict rules until she moves to a new town and falls in love with the carefree Lynn. His new friend encourages him to enter a dance competition, opening him up to a whole new world of excitement and competition.

Kid also has a strict dad he respects in House Party, but the two kids go against their dad’s rules when they can’t resist the temptation for an exciting new experience. While one film focuses on boys and another on girls, they both reflect the social lives of high school students.

Kevin Bacon is one of the actors without a sequel, but when it comes to the iconic Free from all ties, many fans wish there was a sequel to the story. In this film, Ren (Bacon) moves to a small town and learns that they have banned rock music and dancing.

Like Kid, Ren doesn’t let rules get in the way of his fun. While Kid openly obeys his father’s demands, Ren strives to make changes, so the town can relax and have fun. Both of these films are perfect for audiences who like to see generally good kids striving for a little more freedom.

6 Blockers (2018)

In the romantic comedy Blockers, three overprotective parents go on a mission after learning that their three teenage daughters plan to have their first sex on prom night. Although known for its comedy, this film also works to challenge gender stereotypes.

house party features a few protective parents, but this film focuses instead on the dynamic between child and parent from the perspective of adults. Viewers who like an alternative perspective on the teenage experience should watch this film.

5 Driving license (1988)

In Driver’s license, teenager Les refuses to cancel his date with his crush Mercedes even after failing his driving test. Instead, he steals his family’s luxury car and embarks on a night that goes all but as planned.

This film also focuses on a young teenager who refuses to follow the rules (or the law, in this case) to hang out with a cute girl and have fun. fans of house party will also enjoy this film in which a fun night takes an unexpected turn, leading to a series of trials that teach an important lesson.

4 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Ferris Bueller’s day off is an 80s film whose fans are waiting for a sequel. In this iconic comedy, Ferris has a knack for skipping school and getting away with it. As graduation approaches, he decides to take one last epic day out of school.

Unlike Kid, Ferris seems far less responsible and is more prone to being tricky. However, the two boys prove to be determined and adventurous. While Kid has his father hot on his heels, Ferris has the school principal determined to report the often absent student.

3 We Party (2012)

This film focuses on an underachieving student who targets a handsome student who is much more determined to succeed. Although not rated positively by most, some critics point out that this film strives to portray the angst and aspirations of youth as house party.

This film also features an extravagant teen party in which the teenagers try to party. However, this film is more graphic and mature than house party with an R rating. Those looking for a teen movie with a bit more action and suspense will enjoy this take.

2 Pretty in Pink (1986)

80s teen movie star Molly Ringwald is known for her standout performances in teen movies and Pretty in pink is one of his most popular films. In this film, Ringwald plays Andie who is thrilled to be dating a popular kid, but soon learns that dating someone from a different social group can be difficult.

Both Pretty in pink and house party focus on the complex nature of teen dating and what young people can learn by stepping out of their comfort zone. Viewers looking for a more serious than comedic teen experience movie will enjoy this plot.

1 Picture This (2008)

Mandy (Ashley Tisdale), a girl who yearns to be part of the popular crowd, is thrilled to be invited to one of the biggest parties of the past year. However, when she is punished and not allowed to go to the party, Mandy decides to disobey her father and go anyway.

Both imagine this and house party are teen movies that follow the same general plot of a teenager wanting to fit in with the crowd and going against his parents’ decisions to go to a party. However, both films also depict teenagers learning a lesson or two along the way while having fun.

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