10 best hard rock music videos from the 90s



Although throughout the 90s MTV began to devote a larger portion of its slots to reality TV shows and celebrity-centric slag, the music video game was still going strong.

A larger budget, CGI developments and the emergence of new musical genres have all contributed to ever more innovative and exciting ways of representing a song in a visual format.

In rock, things inevitably took an extreme turn. Videos became extensions of what the artists stood for, so bands sold themselves to the world.

If you didn’t create some buzz with your video, stations like MTV were likely to give you a few reviews and then throw you aside for something with a little more bite.

On the other hand, some artists were unwilling to censor themselves in order to receive airtime. Instead, they ran with any muse-inspired bizarre notion, creating some of the most visually impactful videos to ever come up with.

Faith No More was one of the weirdest bands to play with hard rock and rap conventions – these guys were nu metal before it was a thing. Epic was their most explosive song and as such they needed a video that sums up the meaning of its title enough.

The video sparked an uproar when it was released, however. The fence shots showed a fish out of the water, wading helplessly. Animal rights activities had a field day, and many subsequent interviews have included fish-related surveys. Apparently everything was fine, the group claimed that Bjork gave them the fish, which of course denied the possibility that they failed to process it …

The video was also the catalyst that sparked the long feud between singer Mike Patton and Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis. The funky monk accused Patton of ripping off his entire vibe, stealing his dance moves and distinctive posture.

The similarities are definitely there to be seen, but it’s funk-infused rap metal dammit! How many ways are there to adapt to this kind of music?

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