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The superhero genre has been the biggest and most popular in the film industry for a few years now. There is no rock on Earth large enough to live under that would sufficiently protect a person from this fact. While the launch of the MCU in 2008 was largely responsible for the genre’s dominance, superhero movies had been gaining momentum and popularity for a few years prior, so arguably the genre was a big deal during the better part of two decades now.

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This duration has allowed some actors to play the same superhero role several times. The following 10 stars have made the most character appearances throughout their respective series, with live-action and animated films counted (no TV shows or episodes, however). Naturally, the list is pretty Marvel heavy, but doesn’t exclusively include actors who’ve appeared in the MCU.


Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange – 6 films

Benedict Cumberbatch is relatively new to the MCU, all things considered. His first appearance was at the end of 2016, in the first strange doctorand it has since become a key part of Avengers: Infinity Waroccupy an important place in Spider-Man: No Coming Homeand recently got its own sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Add to that his brief appearances in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame, and Strange became one of the key players in the third and fourth phases of the MCU. Six appearances in six years is a pretty solid streak so far, and like the end of Multiverse of Madness I promise, we certainly haven’t seen the last of Cumberbatch in the MCU.

Don Cheadle as a war machine – 7 films

Don Cheadle has yet to headline its own movie in the MCU, although the recently announced Armor Wars will give him a chance to finally be a leading man. Yet even without this film, he has already appeared in more films than some of the show’s main characters.

This speaks to War Machine’s role as a solid support/kick player for Tony Stark, who will now have the ability to do a bit more, as Robert Downey Jr. retired from the MCU with End of Game. What if Don Cheadle had played James Rhodes/War Machine in the first Iron Manhe will have eight appearances (Terrence Howard originally played the role, before the character was recast).

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier – 7 movies

Present in all three Captain America movies, two avengers films, and appearing in cameos for The ant Man and Black Panther, Sebastian Stan has become a staple of the MCU. Like War Machine, he played a sidekick role for much of Phases 1-3 (of Captain America), but will likely become more of a main character in the future.

We can say that it has already happened, considering that he was one of the main characters of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier miniseries. However, this is defined as a TV show, so it cannot be included for the purpose of categorizing the actors’ appearances by movies. Still, seven movie appearances as a supporting character aren’t too shabby.

Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow – 8 movies

Most MCU fans will agree that it took far too long to by Scarlett Johansson Black Widow to get her own solo movie. It finally came out in 2021 and was meant to be a prequel, considering what happened to his character in End of Game. While it was far from bad, it sadly felt late and as such lacked urgency. It may have served as an entertaining standalone adventure, but didn’t really fill in the gaps that needed to be filled, as you’d hope much like a prequel.

But Johansson remained a fixture in the first three phases of the MCU, even without a solo film, and had prominent roles in all four. avengersmovies, iron man 2and two of Captain America movies. Although Johansson and Disney seem to be on good terms after a Black Widow-Conflict related, it’s safe to assume that Johansson’s role in the MCU has come to an end. If so, it ended up being a pretty solid movie series.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor – 9 movies

Of the original six Avengers, only three are still key players in the MCU. by Chris Hemsworth Thor is one of them, beating fellow survivors Hawkeye and The Hulk with a staggering nine appearances across four phases, his first being Thor in 2011, and its most recent being that of 2022 Thor: Love and Thunder.

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He was a main player in all four Thor movies (it would be weird if he hadn’t been), and also spent a lot of screen time in all four avengers movies. His other appearance was an appearance in one of At Doctor Strange end credits scenes, which admittedly was pretty minor, but his notoriety in the other eight films makes up for that. And as fourth by Thor end suggests, it’s likely we’ll see more Hemsworth to come.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine – 9 movies

A rare non-MCU actor who’s featured prominently in movie appearances as the same superhero, Hugh Jackman played Wolverine on nine x-men films between 2000 and 2017, easily becoming the main character of the series.

However, technically he won’t remain a non-MCU character, given that it’s been announced that Jackman will appear in Dead Pool 3 (which will also be Deadpool’s first MCU). When this film comes out, he will have cracked double digits to play the character on screen (and yes, the X-Men: First Class cameo still counts as an appearance, because it’s hilarious).

Chris Evans as Captain America – 9 movies

Chris Evans apparently bowed out of the MCU, with no confirmed appearances after Phase 3. However, Captain America himself is not dead, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now where time travel and the multiverse exist. The idea of ​​Evans making some sort of appearance again might not be entirely out of the question.

Still, even though the First Avenger remains retired, Evans has an impressive nine appearances on the show under his belt. Like the aforementioned nine Thor appearances, Captain America has had a prominent role in most of the films he has appeared in, namely the four avengers movies and the three Captain America movies. Two brief but amusing cameos in Thor: The Dark World and Spider-Man: Far From Home take the actor up to nine.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man – 10 movies

As an actor whose first superhero movie launched the MCU, it’s no surprise that Robert Downey Jr. has been one of the show’s most prolific stars. Indeed, it’s hard to argue against the idea that Iron Man was the closest thing Phases 1-3 had to a main character.

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Moreover, only one of his 10 appearances could be considered a cameo (his very brief appearance in 2008 The Incredible Hulk). Otherwise, he was a main character in the Iron Man trilogy and the four avengers movies, and on top of that, he arguably acted as a co-lead in Captain America: Civil Warand played an important supporting role in Spider-Man: Homecomingtoo.

Kevin Conroy as Batman – 10 movies

Few actors who have appeared in DC films have come close to having as many appearances as the most prolific actors on the Marvel side of the superhero world. This is doubly the case for actors who appear in live-action, as recasts and different interpretations of familiar characters are more common in DC films.

However, on the animated side of things, Kevin Conroy has played Batman/Bruce Wayne in 10 different animated films, making him one of the most prolific (one-character) superhero actors in movie history. If TV episodes and video games were counted, Conroy might just be the most prolific, as he has almost too many Caped Crusader appearances to count.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury – 11 movies

Of course, you could say that Nick Fury isn’t a real superhero, and he might not be a member of the Avengers as much as he’s their trainer and/or manager. And yes, he doesn’t really have any superpowers (but that doesn’t stop someone like Hawkeye, who is more or less super skilled with a bow and arrow).

However, if he is considered a superhero, then Samuel L. Jackson is the most prolific actor in MCU films to date, with 11 appearances. And for present purposes, he needs to be included as a hero for several reasons: he’s played by Samuel L. Jackson, he’s cool, he can handle a rocket launcher, he helped bring the Avengers together, and he is played by Samuel L. Jackson.

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